The Healing Sounds Of Light

Healing Sounds of Light with Hanna Ehlers hosted by Ian Jones

We are being called to raise our vibrations currently, despite much outer conflict and chaos. The light is always available, yet sometimes harder to locate as many more darker vibrations aim to keep us from reclaiming our power. Many others are unknowingly confirming the false realities of density and despair everyday as they continue following their head and not their heart, as they accept un-fulfilment and apathy as given and as they resist the cracking and opening of their soul, which seeks to learn the truth and remember the joy of the heart.

Sound is an ancient tool which has been used by indigenous peoples from the beginning of intelligent life on earth, we must remember how to vibrate at higher and finer speeds and allow more slow moving energy, vibration and sound to fall out of our auric felid to make way for the light body. When we listen to vibrations with an intensity of spiritual healing intention and love we align ourselves with these sounds. The lower and deeper sounds assist us with remembering and releasing lower vibrations and the higher sounds bring us up to a high awakening. Each one of us can learn to heal and keep in balance with sound and the intentions that vibrate and create new realities. We can re-train the brain, leave old patterns behind and recalibrate as we move past the left side of the brain, into a right brained experience at deeper states of consciousness.

Like a child makes sounds frequently to air their feelings and experiences we must learn to let go of unwanted material and refrain from maintaing what we have wrongly learned, to hold our negative vibrations within. So today I ask you with your array of daily experiences, make a sound for each of them, sadness, happiness, anger, pain, despair, un-forgiveness, boredom, joy and peace. Whether this be a quiet sigh under your breath or a let loose screech, remember to empty your vibrations and see how peaceful it is to stay in a harmonious free flowing vibration of life’s oneness and mother earth’s voice. The ancestors of the earth are guiding us, in spirit and in body and the family of light welcomes you to fall into your powerful sound signature again, if you could hear the song of your soul today, how would it sound? It’s time to listen and sing a different tune if you don’t like the current tone!

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