Sacred Moon Reiki was channeled by Shelly Mayer on May 9th 2002. During a sweat
lodge ceremony.
I Just wanted to say I have always had a special connection to the moon I find when
full moon is upon us I recharge and healing is a part of that. Since the beginning of
time women have been connected to the moon. While in the lodge which we consider
the womb of mother earth I had a vision that the moon was in the lodge with me even
though the lodge is very dark it seemed very bright for me. I could see all the others in
the lodge clearly.

Sacred Moon Reiki lineage:
Shelly Mayer, Jean Gina Myrner, Aroon Kumar, Asuman & Torumtay Altan, Carmen Mares,You

For manual clik here:


Luna Sacra Reiki.pdf


Cuvinte cheie : argintie, directii, inca, luna, medicini, noua, patru, peru, plina, roata, Mai multe…sacru, samani, terapie, vanturimedicine, vindecare

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