Activation of the Medicine Wheel

earth. There have been “circles” found all over the world. Are they vortexes where healingenergy can be given and received? Are they maps to the heavens through representation ofthe Moon and Sun? Are they nothing more than huge calendars? The Native Nations ofNorth America created many wheels that are still present today. It is said that if youfollow the Sacred Hoop and consider the lessons you learn there, it will change you. It isthe Medicine Wheel that connects us to ourselves and the rest of the Universe.Medicine in this text refers to anything that promotes harmony in our earthly walk.Some people see dis-ease as nothing more than disharmony within the soul of the person.The true meaning of medicine as it is used in this case is nothing more than Spiritualenergy. For example, when you become attuned to the Medicine of Coyote, You call thespiritual energy of Coyote to you. When you walk the wheel you call the energy of theCreator, your totems, the Stone people, Grandfather Sun, Grandmother Moon and more.There has been between 70-150 Medicine wheels found in Wyoming, South Dakota,Montana, Alberta and Saskatchewan. It is interesting that 66% of those that have beendiscovered can be found in Alberta, Canada. This suggests that this could have been ameeting place for the Plains Indians. One medicine wheel in particular has become listed onthe national Register of Historic places for the United States in America.Big Horn Medicine Wheel on Medicine Mountain in Wyoming, USA (Se also last page)




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