Instructions for making a simple Medicine Wheel

You will need a space of land about 7 feet x 7 feet or larger (in nature or in your garden), a compass, and a  ‘smudge stick’ – a wrapped bundle of dried herbs, usually white sage. (These can be ordered online from shamanic websites or bought in spiritual shops. When lit and then blown out, the smoke  from smudge sticks is used to cleanse both spaces and people’s energy bodies – a lovely experience!)
You will also need 4 large stones (1 or more feet high), 4 smaller stones or crystals, and an amethyst crystal point.

  1. Using a compass, mark the centre point of the circle and then place a marker for the north, south, east and west directions on what will be the outside circle edge (perimeter) of the wheel.
  2. Choose 4 large stones to hold the energy of each direction – first choose the stone for EAST (fire) and place it in that direction on the outside edge of your wheel. Then moving sun-wise (clockwise), the stone for the SOUTH (water), then for the WEST (earth) and finally for the NORTH (air). Choose these with intention, asking for guidance on choosing the right stones, and placing them around the circle with due ceremony. Perhaps you might cleanse each one with burning sage as you place it. Thank each stone, and with its permission, dedicate it to the holding of the place of that particular element in the Medicine Wheel (fire, water, earth or air) If you use a different system of directions-to-elements that is also perfect.
  3.  Now choose and place 4 further stones or crystals to mark the south-east, the south-west, the north-west and the north-east.
  4. You may choose to make the outside circle continuous by adding small stones between the 8 main ones, or you may leave it as it is. Either way, move around the whole circumference now smudging it with a sage stick and dedicating the space for the highest good of all. Connect with the guardian of the land and the ancestors, asking for their assistance in your endeavour.
  5. Now place the amethyst crystal point in the centre of the wheel. All crystals will be charged with the energy of one of the other wheels which is being made – contact me for guidance on this. The Amethyst may be cemented into a stone or simply placed as it is. My guides have said “The amethyst points, whether they are polished or natural, will hold the portal open. They hold the violet ray of St Germaine, so that all negativity is transmuted. The central directions, all-that-is-above and all-that-is-below will be activated by these central crystals.”  


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