Instructions for Leading a Ceremony

This is for those who need assistance/suggestions – if you have some experience in shamanic ritual or leading ceremonies please do your own thing!

Working/playing in groups is the way in the New Age. It has been proven many times that when a group of people focuses on the same thing (as in group prayer or healing), the effect is far greater than the sum of the people present: 7 people together visualising peace of Earth is not 7 times more powerful than 1 person doing it – it is 7 x 7 x 7 times more powerful! In every aspect of ritual, intention is all important! 

Honesty, integrity and sincerity are key – it’s not about ‘putting on a show’. Your intentions and heart-felt desire to connect with each other and to honour and connect with Gaia determine how effective and moving the ceremony is.

Spontaneity is important – go with the flow, don’t get hung up on a very strict program, encourage everyone present to participate as much as possible and MAKE IT FUN! These are also CELEBRATIONS, it’s important to remember that we join together to move into joy together! 

Ritual is a CELEBRATION OF LIFE. It is a way of outwardly expressing gratitude to the Earth, the Sun, the Universe and the Creator. Indigenous tribes have always used to ritual to keep their lives meaningful and to show respect for all-that-is – but they also got together for these celebrations because that was their way of having a party! Let us re-birth the ways of the ancestors and in the process make our lives simultaneously more meaningful and more fun!
  • Do the ceremony at sunrise or sunset if possible – but if this isn’t practical another time on that day is also fine.
  • Clear the space with sacred sage or other herbs/sprays before the ceremony, and make the area pretty with flowers/candles etc. According to the season it is nice to have flowers and decorations which represent that time of year. Everyone who attends can be invited to bring crystals/sacred objects with them to add to a central altar.
  • A fire is always a wonderful option at a ceremony (especially when it is cold!) Because of the amethyst point it will probably not be practical to have a fire in the middle of the circle, but there can be a separate area with a fire which is used after the calling in of the directions, etc. It is wonderful to sit around a fire after a ceremony and chat/sing/ have a bowl of soup!
·         There can be one or more leaders for the ceremony, who ‘hold the space’ for the group and follow the order of the ceremony which they have agreed on beforehand.


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