Welcome back to your journey through the Arcturian Corridor. It is within this Corridor that you are able to trust your fifth dimensional imagination regarding your inner-realities. Do you remember when you first started your Path? You were so worried about revealing your true nature. Now you have come so far that you are usually your SELF in daily life.

Having the courage to be your true, Multidimensional SELF while living on a third dimensional planet can create a constant sense of fatigue because your consciousness is vibrating at a higher frequency than your earth vessel. Furthermore, when your consciousness is resonating to the fifth dimension and beyond it is difficult to remain focused on the mundane chores of your physical life. Hence, you must constantly adjust and re-adjust your consciousness to remain in the third dimensional world of your current service.

We understand this dynamic, for our consciousness usually resonates between the eighth and tenth dimensions. Because of this, we are very uncomfortable if we try to even maintain even a fifth dimension form. Therefore, we speak to the grounded earthlings through our beloved family members who volunteered to carry lower dimensional earth vessels. Our brave ones who maintain our fifth dimensional Star Ships have chosen to restrain from too many visits into their innate eighth–tenth dimensional frequency, as it makes it too difficult for them to return to their Mission of Service to Gaia.

They do, however, make frequent visits to our various Arcturian planets, such as Zantarius. All of the planets in our Arcturian Star System have gone through the planetary ascension for which Gaia is preparing. Ascended planets only hold form for beings who resonate to the fifth through seventh dimensions. Beyond the seventh dimension, form is experienced as an encumbrance to one’s consciousness.

Many of our grounded ones on Earth visit fifth dimensional Earth, which is called Terra. However, they often forget their many adventures there, as those memories make it too difficult to return to the End Game of third dimensional Earth.  We to remind you dear ones, you are with us many nights in your sleep.  In fact, it is then that you are truly awakened. It is when you disconnect from your real life in the higher dimensions that you are truly “asleep.” On the other hand, because of these visits, bit-by-bit the fifth dimension is becoming your Home, while the third dimension is becoming your “Service to Gaia.”

We are joyous to see that many of you are finding new clues regarding your daily Mission. The veil between your two worlds is becoming thinner and thinner, and Gaia has more and more patches of Her planet and atmosphere that resonate to the fifth dimension.  At the same time, other patches of Her planet are falling into destruction. With every moment, people and planet are receiving that which is of the NOW while simultaneously releasing that which has become complete. In this manner, Gaia and Her inhabitants are no longer choosing to attach their attention to that which may interfere with the process of personal and planetary ascension. On the other hand, they are choosing to focus on that which assists the ascension process.

In your lower fourth dimensional dreams, you may be having visions of destruction, which is the reality being created by those of Gaia’s inhabitants who believe they cannot release their attachment to their physical reality and are fearful that they are loosing their power over those who are ascending. These ones who once had great power-over others would prefer to destroy Earth rather than allow Her to return to Her fifth dimensional expression. However, Gaia is like a bird that will surrender her tail feathers in order to fly free from a predator. The bird knows that new tail feathers will quickly grow, and those who posses that which she has released will find little joy in that which they have stolen.

Therefore, we remind you to focus on the multidimensional light and unconditional love, dear ones. Imagine the light growing brighter and brighter as it encompasses more and more of Gaia’s body. Allow this light to guide you to the many Portals that are revealing themselves to your higher perceptions. Use the power of your unconditional love to guide you through these Portals. To better maintain the purity of your course, we ask that you release all fearful thoughts and emotions that might taint your great force of unconditional love.

<![endif]> 2


We are NOW speaking to you from the eighth dimension surrounding our Homeworld on Arcturus. Arcturus has long ago become fifth dimensional and beyond, but its third dimensional resonance still shines in your sky to remind you of our presence and guidance. However, our life forms no longer resonate to that frequency, as we only inhabit the higher planes. In preparation for your great planetary ascension, we have come to you to tell you more about life in a fifth dimensional reality.

Yes, Gaia will ascend, for we of the Galactic Federation will not allow it to be otherwise. Gaia is a cornerstone in the age-old plan of reformation for our Galaxy. We are determined to fulfill that plan and need our grounded ones to hold the TRUTH of Gaia’s ascension, as well as their own. Do you know that even when you are still attached to your physical reality, your thoughts and emotions are more powerful than you can imagine? We wish to demonstrate your power by taking you on a tour of our world so that you can hold the vision of a fifth dimensional reality in your heart and mind. This vision will assist you to more completely believe in your SELF.

There are, of course, many planets in our Arcturian star system. Therefore, we will choose one, which in your language may be called Zantarius. It is difficult to transmit the name correctly, as we no longer use verbal language, as you know it. When we send messages to our grounded ones, they come to them in a flash of light and sound, which may be perceived as an image much like our crop circles. With practice, our grounded ones learn to transpose these colors of light and tones of sound into what you would call a word and/or transpose the image into an entire message.

The colors that you would see for the “word” Zantarius are a higher dimensional version of violet, green, magenta and gold. All of our planets end in Gold (the “ius” sound), as they are fifth dimensional and beyond. The tones cannot be transmitted to you via the written page, but your imagination can hear them when you trust your Multidimensional SELF. We will take a moment to talk about color, as it is quite different in the higher frequency realities.

Again you will need to trust your imagination because your physical eyes cannot perceive these colors, they can only be seen with your fifth dimensional imagination. The higher dimensional violet wavers with sparkling, silver light. The green has all the echoes of your most verdant forest, but with the overtones of aquamarine and silver. The magenta is the higher frequency of your red and is laced with oscillating light of silver/white. Finally, the gold is similar to your gold, except that you can easily perceive the rays of golden light that surround and continually emanate from it.

Perhaps, one who is musical could transform these colors into flowing tones of sound to discover a truer representation of the name of this planet. It is the combination of color and tone that is vital in the process of ascension. When you combine the emanations of the colors and tones and slowly raise their frequency of resonance, the higher harmonics of these colors and tones initiate your initial sensations of ascension.

You will see these lights and hear these tones within you consciousness, with the lights being more predominant in your opened Third Eye and the tones being more predominant in your High Heart. As you combine these colors and tones into a rhapsody of light and sound, you fully unite your Third Eye and High Heart to set your Merkaba spinning and your inner Lightbody glowing.



As we said before, our symbolic language is often shared with Earth via our crop circles. The “message” of the crop circles below, speaks of opening Portals into the higher frequencies of reality. First, we ground our higher frequency light and unconditional love into Gaia by “writing” our crop circles on her body of Earth. Then, we leave a message for those who wish to “read” our language with the power of their fifth dimensional imagination. We will now “translate” our message into English.

This crop circle “reads” that by raising the resonance of light and sound 7 (number for spiritual seeking) times, you can initiate the opening of a fifth dimensional Portal grounded on Gaia by this crop circle. The opening of this Portal will be as symbolic as our message. Hence, you do not need to physically journey to these crop circles, as your journey is within your multidimensional consciousness. You will enter this first portion of the Portal at the “Third Eye” in the center of the seven-pointed star, which is connected to the “Key to Ascension” in the star point to its right. The Key to Ascension is symbolic of your High Heart.

The journey of this Portal, as it is with all Portals, begins by opening your Third Eye and uniting it to your High Heart. It is through your Third Eye that you perceive the Portal, but the “key” to opening it is the unconditional love of your High Heart. Unconditional love is the highest resonance of the Omniverse. Hence, it holds the power to open Portals, as well as the wisdom to know if it should be opened. It is through your own High Heart that you enter all three of the Portals in this series, for multidimensional journeys always occur within your SELF.

To begin your journey you use your consciousness to (1) step into the “Third Eye.” (2) Then you move into the star point with the “Key.” (3) From there you enter the circle directly under that star point. (4) You can see from the above picture that once you take the 9 steps (number of completion) from that circle, you can travel infinitely around the outer circle by stepping onto the 3rd (3 is number of wisdom, power and love) circle of the spiral arm coming from the next star point. Then you take 7 steps onto the third circle of the next spiral arm, and on and one. You travel faster by raising your consciousness, which also increases spin of the Portal. As the spin increases, the Portal opens. <![endif]>

After traveling the circular path in these cycles of 7, you find yourself on the outer rim of this Portal.




(1) On this Portal you will take 6 steps on the green zone while feeling deep love for your inner path (6 represents love). (2) Your 7th (spiritual seeking) step places you on the first diamond at the edge of the Third Eye within the core of the circle. (3) You them follow the 7 steps, 5 green diamond steps, 1 step across the green circle and (4) the 7th step will place you in the white Center of the Third Eye (your inner vision). Through this “Third Eye,” you see a third Portal.

5 <![endif]>

(1) You then step into the center of the “flower” of this Portal. This center is surrounded by 4 (number for foundation and structure) rows of six petals each. Again, there is the pattern of 6 that represents love, creativity and the planet Venus. Venus is Gaia’s beloved sister planet who will guide Her through Her planetary ascension process.

(2) From the center “flower” of this Portal, you lovingly follow the 4 rows of 6 petals out towards the petal that connects you to the (3) first of the 9 (number of completion) increasingly smaller circles, (the illusion of distance) with the (4) 9th circle being larger with a halo around it.  This halo represents your return Home to the fifth dimension.


6 <![endif]>

We will now guide you, as we travel through these Portals together. Our destination will be fifth dimension, and we will eventually travel to the planet of Zantarius in the Arcturian Star System.

(1) Using the power of your multidimensional consciousness, imprint the picture of this Portal onto your Third Eye. As you focus on the “Third Eye” of the first Portal you see multidimensional colors that are beyond the vision of your physical eyes.

(2) Then, as you move through the Key (which represents your High Heart) you hear tones and overtones that transport your consciousness into the higher dimensions.

(3) As you move onto the connecting circle, the many colors in your Third Eye and tones in your High Heart intermingle and merge, uniting your Third Eye and High Heart. Moving along the first spiral, you allow the colors and tones to guide you on the 9 steps to the next spiral of circles.

(4) As you move onto that circle, you feel the Portal start to spin. As you travel the circumference of the Portal via the 7 circles, the colors and tones resonate to higher frequencies of light and higher octaves of sound. The light and sound intermingle more and more as they serve to increase the spin of the Portal. As the Portal spins faster, your consciousness expands, which further increases the spin of the Portal,

As the spin accelerates you are see colors and tones that are far beyond your physical perceptions. Faster and faster the Portal spins to intermingle and unite the colors, tones, Third Eye, and High Heart. Then, in an instant, the circle stops spinning. You have internalized the spin into your every cell and atom, which activates your Merkaba. With the activation of your Merkaba, Inner Spaceship, you easily Flow onto the outer rim of the next Portal. Together, we ALL step onto the first green “stripe” after the edge of the inner Third Eye.

(4) In the Ninth Circle your consciousness is so expanded that your Lightbody fills the Portal, the country, the hemisphere and the planet. Hence, you are united with everything and everyone. YOU experience everyone and everything as your SELF. In other words, you are experiencing reality through your fifth dimensional Lightbody. In response to your perceptions, the glow around the ninth step expands to totally encompass your consciousness.

Instantly, you are in the fifth dimension.


For the meditation Traveling the Portals Together, please click



As you travel back and forth between the fifth and the third dimension, you find that you are actually living in-between these two worlds. Your consciousness now resonates to the fifth dimension while your earth vessel remains physical. Because of your inter-dimensional travels, you feel vast changes within you that you cannot understand. You are having trouble remaining fully consciousness in the third dimension, but you cannot stay focused in the fifth dimension either.

Sometimes your sleep is more work than your third dimensional life, as you are visiting and living in more parallel realities than you can count. You often awaken with messages that you can’t quit remember, but their feeling leaves you with a sense of peace and gratitude. On the other hand, fatigue haunts most of your waking life, as the third dimension seems too heavy and slow for your ever-expanding consciousness. You are not fully ascended, yet you are no longer “just human.”

More and more you are thinking fifth dimensionally, which leave your third dimensional thoughts limiting and sluggish in your mind. Now that you are on the threshold of your new reality, you feel more love for our physical life than you ever have before. Third dimensional illusions are dropping away, yet the physical world still continues. However, now it is more naked to your perceptions, as are becoming your SELF in your daily life. You have greatly released your fear and substituted it with love of life and gratitude. Yet, judgment and impatience still haunt you. These old habits are an issue because judging another denies you the Unity of the ONE and impatience denies you the NOW.

Dear ones, we wish to remind you that you have waited, lived, died, suffered and loved for millennia to experience this moment. Therefore, it is best to enjoy every second of it while you still live on physical Earth. Focus your intention on the enjoying your time on the third dimension, as it is will slowly warping into the NOW. As you remember to live in Unity with all life, your consciousness becomes more and more firmly implanted into the fifth dimension. Then, instead of living in the third dimension and visiting the fifth, you will be living in the fifth dimension and visiting the third.

Surprisingly, your fifth dimensional life will not change that much. What will change will be your reactions because you will experience life from higher and higher perspectives. Just as there are many octaves of the fourth dimension, there are, also, many levels of the fifth. At first, you will likely visit the Threshold of the fifth dimension where you will still hold form and continue life much as you did in the third. However, you will be free of all that has separated you from your SELF, and hence, separates you from the ONE.

Then, as you slowly adapt to the fifth dimension, you will be less and less attached to form and other third dimensional expressions of your being, such as “work.” First, many of you will be inclined to assist your fellow humans who are still trapped in the myth of the physical plane. As you remember the special gifts that you have honed over your many physical incarnations, you will want to use them to assist both people and planet with the ongoing process of ascension. This process has begun and will escalate with your every breath.

We look forward to guiding, assisting and joining you in the process. In fact, we the will soon return to travel to our ascended planet of Zantarius and fifth dimensional Earth. In the meantime, enjoy living in-between and remember that


<![endif]> 10

Hello again, we’re always here
Your smile we see and whisper hear
When you recall that love’s the key
You’ll know you are forever free

  As the smile upon your face expands
You’ll travel off to distant lands
These lands you’ll find are glowing
With love that they are showing

  <![endif]> This love has formed the long, long way
That you have traveled to this day
You’ve come so far from where you started
That, now, the road of life has parted

  Since you have a choice of where to go
We remind you now to find the Flow
The flowing path holds no resistance
But to stay that course, you need persistence

  You must maintain your daily quest
While you also go inside to rest
Inside your SELF you’ll find the means
To see the Way that flows and sheens

  Within your SELF there is a center
Which shows the Flow that you can enter
This Center Flow is calm and still
But demands that you release your will

  The human will which brought you here
Is marred with grief and filled with fear
The Center Flow can heal that state
Since it has no time, it’s not too late

  The NOW within the Center Flow
Leads to the Truth you forgot you know
This Truth you know down deep inside
Behind your anger and your pride

  Tells you NOW that you are HERE
You’re filled with love and free of fear
The Truth you learn inside the Flow
Says there is no “place” you need to go

  Once you regain your inner sight
There is only beauty, love and light
Your inner sight and hearing too
Will lead you towards what you will do

  As you maintain your quest inside
The SELF you find, you will not hide
You know this SELF is who you are
You’re made of light, just like a star

  You are the Earth, the Moon, the Sun
You’re everywhere and everyone
There’s only HERE and only NOW
You live the life that you allow

  You are creator of each day
You are the path, you are the way
No longer can you hide this knowing
So embrace the Truth your SELF is showing

You are the SELF that you feel near
You are the LOVE that healed your fear
The path you’ve chosen has led you HERE
To a life that filled with love and cheer

  You remember now, that what you’re seeing
Is another octave of your true Being
You know that you are everywhere
And all reality is yours to share

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