A message from the Lord of Arcturus

Greetings, I am the Lord of Arcturus.

I have been asked to contribute any knowledge that I feel to be beneficial for
Humanity. I have decided on a particular way approaching this, by explaining to
Earthlings how it is on my home Planet, to help them understand further how
things are, and how things change with spiritual evolution occurring within a

We once had similar problems to Earth, that we have had to seriously scrutinise
and regulate, so that our species could continue to evolve. We have had to
adapt our physical being to the climate of our Planet, for the purpose of
sustaining our species. We are different to the Beings of the 90th Dimension
who are able to exist on energy as a food source.

We do not eat proteins as you do on Earth. We are able to manufacture certain
types of liquids that have within them all the nutrients that our bodies
require. Our bodies are much lighter than Earthlings, and therefore do not need
the same kind of sustenance. However, it has taken some time to adjust to the
changes, and the liquids that we now ingest are sufficient for us at this point
in time.

We are able to move around easily. Our motherships return periodically into the
Earth’s atmosphere to collect data on Earth’s progression, and to check on the
many Arcturians who are incarnated on Earth at the present time, to make sure
all is well. This may seem far-fetched to many people, but it is so, just the
same. Different governments of Earth have regular contact with UFO’s. It is not
known or advertised to the public in most cases.

We are not a warring Planet. We exist totally in harmony with each other and exchange knowledge and information with other Planets. We are also affiliated with the Ascended Master Realms. We are continuing to
evolve, and when the Age of Aquarius begins it precession, not only will Earth
and Earthlings evolve spiritually, the same applies to Arcturus and her
inhabitants. We are all evolving and spiralling closer to the All-That-Is.

We have had to limit the number of species that live on our Planet, to keep the Planet sustainable. Our young are very much wanted and loved. They are never discarded as they are on Earth. To be able to have young,
or children as you call them, for us, is the greatest gift. Special people are
chosen to parent them, and they are loved and cared for by all.

We have the utmost respect and reverence for life, and for our young. Earth people have a lot to answer for in the way they treat their children.

It is an absolute blessing to be given the privilege of a child who carries the spark of the Divine within its tiny heart, but people of Earth don’t see this in the same way we do. It causes us grief to see the
abandoned, lost children. The little females who are abandoned because they are
female. We have such pain over this issue and we grieve for Mankind. Hopefully,
as the New Age progresses, children will only be born to those who are prepared
to care for them in every way that is necessary.

Our education system is extremely different to that of Earth. It is more geared to working with the natural talent that each Being has been given, and fostering those talents for the benefit of the whole community,
the whole Planet. There is no competition amongst Arcturians, only the wish to
live in harmony, to share knowledge and information for the betterment of all.

We are far more careful of our power sources than Humans. We have one large central computer complex which keeps us in touch with all that is happening around the Universe. Our knowledge and perceptions are far higher
than Earthlings and we are able to track everything that is happening around
us, within and outside of our Planet. Not every Being has a computer set up in
their own space, as it is with Humans on Earth, but everyone is able to access
any information they require through the great central computer complex.

We are not ambitious as a race. Our only ambition is as a whole, to continue to sustain ourselves and our Planet for as long as it is necessary. We have far longer lifespans than Humans. In your Earth years we
would live to between 400-500 years. So a lifetime as an Arcturian is far
different to that of a Human.

We exist in a state of bliss. We are happy. We are content. We do not waste anything. We do not waste energy. Everything is conserved and used only when required. That is not to say that we are frugal. We just look at
things differently.

We are part of the team working to help Mankind to move into his Light Body, to be prepared for the Ascension Process when it happens. It is our great pleasure and honour to do this, and we are diligent in the extreme, in
helping in any way that we can, for Humans to achieve this goal.

As some of you are aware we have all come to the end of a cycle. In Earth terms, a 26 000 year cycle and as such, this means upheaval in many way, causing changes within the Planet and in the direction people will
go. We are working to make sure that people go towards the Light and into their
Light Bodies.

It is not anything to fear. It is a natural precession of evolution.

It may comfort you to know that we have your best interests at heart, and only wish to assist you at this time as brothers and sisters in friendship, not in any way that may be considered controlling or overpowering. We are not a
race who follows those energy patterns. As I have said, we exist in peace and
harmony with other Planets. We are known for our peaceful attitudes to all

The beloved Terra is much loved by Arcturians, and we would do nothing to cause her distress. Rather, we would do everything that we can at this time, to help her in her evolution.

I am the Lord of Arcturus. It is my honour and privilege to be part of the team helping Earth and her inhabitants to raise their frequency and their light.

-Language of Light

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