7 Directions Meditation



7 Directions Meditation by Solara AN-RA

(15 mins) Click here for download


For this meditation, choose 4 crystals which for you represent fire, water, earth and air. Use a compass to orientate yourself to the 4 directions – you will sit or stand facing East. If you are doing this in a group, place crystals/sacred objects which represent the 4 directions around the outside of your circle.

In this meditation YOU are at the centre of a medicine wheel – and in that sacred place you activate the 3 final directions – above, below, and within. You find yourself in your place of power, plugged in to the heart of our galaxy & the heart of Gaia, centred in your heart. (All indigenous people on Earth have used ‘Medicine Wheels’ – teachings about the four directions that give meaning to our life and our place on Earth. Other traditions may use different directions for the 4 elements, e.g. the Celtic system – the most important thing is to acknowledge each direction and each of the elements.)

Cleanse the crystals you have chosen by leaving them out in the sun- and moon-shine for 24 hours in a glass bowl of water and seasalt. Then hold each one in your hand, dedicating it to it’s purpose of holding the energy of that element. Pour love and gratitude into it to charge it. Connect with each crystal every time you sit in your sacred altar. You may choose to have a 5th crystal in front of you or in your lap that represents ‘all-that-is-above and all-that-is-below’ if you like.




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