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A Message from the Mayan Blue Jade Skull CANA IXIM : “The Journey of the Human Heart”

Laughter, tears, joy and fears… this is the journey of the human heart. The ancient sacrifices began to honor the great power of the heart and its capacity to channel love – the greatest force in the Universe. These sacrifices were not an act of violence, they were a way to honor the divine that dwelled within humanity. The heart is key to life on Earth. Many have lost heart at this time, either through heartbreak, or heartlessness. The great tragedies awaken the heart of compassion, because the human race is one being with a shared experience on one planet, and what befalls one befalls all.

We weep with you, we rejoice with you, we laugh and cry with you at the same time. Sorrow can lead to joy, and the key to overcoming sorrow is to find the joy hidden in each moment. Do not despair...

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Atlantis : Living it or Cruising it

Many believe that there is a strong connection between crystal skulls and the Lost Continent of Atlantis, and perhaps some of the Ancient Crystal Skulls from South America originally came from Atlantis when they were saved from the Fall. For crystal skull aficionados, there are two ways to experience Atlantis this year. You can attend the 12.12.12 event in Miami, with a free ceremony with the crystal skulls conducted by Flordemayo at the Miami Circle, a rare ancient archeological site in North America. Then you can join “The Crystal Skulls Return to Atlantis Cruise” that will bring crystal skull experts and Atlantean researchers together over the waters of Atlantis and into the lands of the Maya as a gateway to the sacred time of this most significant Solstice...

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As we approach an epic date in history, it is also of interest to listen to scholars that have studied the subject in much depth. Newspapers and mainstream media in general do not give much coverage to university presses who often release some of the most well thought out works with great substance. The University Press of Colorado has been named as one of the most innovative presses – below we took some excerpts from 4 books in its roster:

– – – – Maya Creation Myths by Timothy Knowlton – – – –

“There is no Classical Yucatecan Maya word for “myth.” But around the close of the seventeenth century, an anonymous Maya scribe penned what he called u kahlay cab tu kinil (“the world history of the era”) before Christianity came to the Peten, the land of the Maya...

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Are you the Guardian of the Crystal Skull, or is the Crystal Skull the Guardian of You?

Crystal skulls choose their guardian just as much as a guardian chooses a crystal skull. Crystal skulls tend to call out to a person, and will remain in their mind until that person responds by bringing the crystal skull “home”. Each crystal skull has its own purpose and its own consciousness. A crystal skull seeks to fulfill its purpose by supporting and assisting its guardian, and by serving to raise the frequency and vibration of its guardian and of its environment. Crystal skulls can support healing, attracting, manifesting, raising consciousness, increasing intuition and guidance, and can also promote peace, joy, calm and safety.

Crystal skulls are vessels and conduits for divine guidance to be able to communicate and guide you to your highest joy, your deepest wellbeing, your mos...

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Carved over 1500 years ago

Ancient crystal skulls are characterized by having a more primitive look and were hand carved over 1500 years ago.

The following are ancient crystal skulls listing specific details about each ancient crystal skull, like weight and presumed origin.

Size: 11.91 lbs / 5.4 kgs Ancient crystal skull Mitchell-Hedges
Stone: Clear Quartz
Origin: Belize
“Skull of Love”
Discovered in 1923 – Most famous for its detachable jawbone.
More info about “MH”
Photo Credit See this photo enlarged
Sha Na Ra
Size: 13.12 lbs / 5.98 kgs Shanara Crystal Skull
Stone: Clear Quartz
Origin: Mexico
Authentic – Primitive Looking Found in 1995 employing Psychic Archeology
More info on ancient crystal skull Sha Na Ra
Photo Credit See this photo enlarged
Size: 11 lbs / 4...
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The age of quartz crystals cannot be determined by carbon dating, therefore, it is very difficult – if not impossible – to determine the actual age of a crystal skull. The primary means that modern science has for estimating the age of crystal skulls is to examine them under an electron scanning microscope to determine what kind of tools were used to carve them based on the tool marks embedded in the surface of the crystal. Old crystal skulls are characterized by the use of primitive techniques, which leave irregular groove cuts on the silicone cast.

Some famous and noteworthy old crystal skulls are:

Weight: 22.17 lbs / 10.06 kgs ancient crystal skull amar
Stone: Clear Quartz
Origin: Tibet
“Tibetan Crystal Skull”
Rescued from Tibet by High Llama hand carrying it across the Himalayas
More Info
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(pronounced Ah-mahr)
Tibet is known as one of the most ancient and wise cultures of our world. Since his Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama was exiled from Tibet in 1959 after the Chinese invasion, there continues to be an eradication of Tibetan civilization and heritage that goes on to this day, including the alleged destruction of over 99% of its temples, monasteries and convents – over 6,000 are now in ruins.

This persecution has resulted in numerous attempts by Tibetans to flee the land-locked country through the high mountain peaks of the Himalayas – a treacherous life-threatening route full of perils from the forces of nature and risks of punishment from Communist China...

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Message from the rare Tibetan Crystal Skull AMAR : “Embracing New Realities

crystal skull Amar

You may think that crystal skulls are simply rocks, but humans are in a far more dense state than we are! The time is coming for the ascension, for moving beyond time and matter into higher frequencies of crystalline light. For some, this can happen overnight, but for most, it will be a process. The key is to have absolutely no fear, because fear is a trap. Your spirit is immortal, your body is a temporary housing, impermanent in time and space. However, your consciousness is key to everything for it is infinite. The lighter your thoughts are, the lighter your emotions are, and the lighter your experiences will be. Focus on the light in all situations, look for the light in all things...

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