Atlantis : Living it or Cruising it

Many believe that there is a strong connection between crystal skulls and the Lost Continent of Atlantis, and perhaps some of the Ancient Crystal Skulls from South America originally came from Atlantis when they were saved from the Fall. For crystal skull aficionados, there are two ways to experience Atlantis this year. You can attend the 12.12.12 event in Miami, with a free ceremony with the crystal skulls conducted by Flordemayo at the Miami Circle, a rare ancient archeological site in North America. Then you can join “The Crystal Skulls Return to Atlantis Cruise” that will bring crystal skull experts and Atlantean researchers together over the waters of Atlantis and into the lands of the Maya as a gateway to the sacred time of this most significant Solstice. We are told by the organizers that there are still a few spaces left on the cruise, but you must register now before December 7th to take part in this once-in-a-lifetime journey.

For those who may not be able to go to Miami or participate in the cruise, you can experience Atlantis through a pure new channeled material by Atlantean crystal master and crystal skull guardian Lindsay Ball. See the excerpt below from her new book “The Way Forward

– – – – Here is an excerpt about Atlantis and the crystal skulls from Crystal Skull Researcher and author Jaap van Etten’s newsletter (subscribe to Jaap’s newsletter at the bottom of the following webpage: ) – – – –

“The Mayans believe that the area where Atlantis was located will especially be important. This area is mostly at the bottom of the sea. They also believe that when crystal skulls will be in that area they will be charged with energies that will help mankind on their evolutionary journey. Every crystal skull present in that area at that time period will be a carrier of these energies that will be available to support people and the process of change of consciousness.

The idea that energies of Atlantis become more active may be in alignment with the predictions of Edgar Cayce. According to his readings Atlantis will rise again. Does he mean this literally or could it be that it refers to the awakening (rising) of the energies of Atlantis?

For most people it is not easy to make a trip to the Atlantean waters and immerse themselves and their crystals and crystal skulls in the energies while in the waters Above Atlantis. However, Oracle Stone Productions organizes a crystal skull event in that period on a cruise ship that will move over the waters under which the portals and energy spots of Atlantis are located. During this trip the crystal skulls present will download the Atlantean energies and information into the crystal skulls, creating powerful tools that will support everyone that will connect with these skulls. This is particularly true for the contemporary crystal skulls that are like open books in which much can be written. We will work synergistic because we will be supported by the ancient crystal skull Synergy.”

If you would like to contribute with your crystal skulls to the coming changes in a more optimal way, this is your opportunity. Go to . Jaap Van Etten is scheduled to be the Master of Ceremonies for the 12.12.12. Cruise to Atlantis; you can visit his new website .


– – – – Following is an excerpt from the book “The Way Forward” that channels information on crystal skulls and Atlantean (& Lemurian) insights (see content) – – – –

“The magnificence of crystals, oh dear ones, is just beginning to make itself consciously aware to you. Centuries of cultures and races, as you call them, have known inherently and through knowledge and information passed down through generations, of the healing, calming, restoring and balancing qualities of crystals. Added to this is the understanding that crystals are of the Earth, they hold the history of all that has happened on your beautiful planet, they hold the mysteries, the love, the energy, the movements, the glorious love of God that is embodied in every cell of every crystal.

This magnificence, power and glory, this wonderful light and love, this wonderful transformer of energy from Source to you all, the connection available to you all to link into the radiance, the light, the love, the wisdom and knowledge that is stored in the crystals. The ability of crystals to appear as and when necessary for those in the time that you call the Golden Age of Atlantis, to know and appear at exactly the right time and stay for as long as necessary before dematerialising into another form for future use.”

As you read the words, you will be absorbing and integrating the energies and this will help you make the connections, within your energy systems, which are already in place as the magnificent Divine Plan unfolds in all its glory. The reconnection of Lemurian and Atlantean energies will ignite within your DNA, your cellular structure, your crystalline grid, those memories, the ancient wisdom, knowledge and love of those Golden Ages. Your energies will expand allowing your conscious minds to reconnect with the love of Mother Earth, the ethos of all working together in harmony for the benefit of all.

Experience more of Atlantis here:
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