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Tree Of Life: The Great Goddess

The Tree of Life is a map, a flow pattern, that all the spiritual traditions are based on. Originating in the times of the Great Goddess, the seasonal cycle of the tree is a metaphor of how life force consciousness emerges from the collective (Mother Goddess), differentiates, and then merges again into oneness.

In the trunk of the tree we see the maiden, mother and crone goddesses. On the horizon line, if you look carefully, you can see the pregnant earth mother goddess opening herself to the womb pool below. In the water we see a manifestation of the primordial ocean goddess. The seasonal cycle begins with the apple deep within the ocean near the bottom of the painting.

The Great Mother’s underworld oceanic womb was symbolized as an apple in both the Celtic and Egyptian traditions...

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Celebrating and Respecting Native American Traditions for Women Through Full Moon Ceremonies

Peaceful greetings to all within our Goddess Sisterhood

I wanted to share my experiences at the Full Moon Ceremony I attended last night. ¬†Wouldn’t it be nice to have a community of women, holding each others’ intentions with the highest regards, and sharing in each others joys, passions, successes, disappointments, trials and tribulations? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a community of like-minded women who bring honor and homage to each other, without prejudice or judgment, and with open arms and hearts? That is what I experienced last night when I was invited to my first Full Moon Ceremony led by a First Nation Elder that I was introduced to by one of the Grandmothers of the girls we work with.

The Grandmother Moon, our Sacred Earth Mother and all female relations in Nature are all re...

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