When you have a bad day, stop and smell the roses. Breath



When you are feeling weary –
down and out and feeling blue,
when your world starts to fall apart –
and you don’t know what to do.

When you think you’re life is over –
and have no reason at all to live –
put yourself into my presence –
and my love to you, I will give.

When your tears feel so heavy –
and you want to set yourself free,
reach out your hand and I will take it –
and pull yourself unto Me.

When you feel so heavy burdened –
afraid that you are much too weak,
and all alone in this big world –
that’s when you are most in need of Me.

When your heart feels so very empty –
and you can not find a friend around,
remember that I am with you –
and that I am always heaven found.

Remember that you are special –
that’s how I planned for it to be,
because my child, you were made –
in the image and likeness of Me.

Don’t look so hard to try and find Me –
I’m closer than you may know,
I’m knocking on your door right now,
Just open it and my love will show.

No, my child, life isn’t perfect –
that’s because sin interfered,
but I will save you from all danger,
and take away all your dreaded fears.

When you feel all tired and worn –
your eyes tear up and you can’t see,
just rest yourself in my presence,
for My love is for all eternity!

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