A Message from the rare Tibetan Crystal Skull AMAR – “Awakening Crystal Skulls”

http://api.ning.com/files/Qpm74rsDFclxCcGNUALaMqnXJgESFsYJLDmwa-ZCEL5szH1BjzKY028jlSpuaZBThh7U0935o7RsLz6GJoumTyNt9s*4mA2I/image001.png?width=530When crystals and stones emerge from the Earth, they are usually more “mineral specimens” than metaphysical crystals because they are in a dormant energy state.  Carving a mineral into a crystal skull begins the process of awakening consciousness within that crystal or stone, however, until a crystal skull becomes activated and energized, its energy remains in a dormant state of potentiality. 

Crystal skulls that come from “factories” or “warehouses” are more of a carving or sculpture of a skull rather than being a truly empowering energy tool, until they become energized and activated.  Those who are aware of energies can certainly attest to the difference between crystal skulls that have been energized and activated, versus those that have not.  There are different ways of energizing and activating crystal skulls to awaken their dormant energy and latent consciousness:

  1. You can sit with a crystal skull in meditation, holding it in your hands, or near your heart or third eye.  Pour the energy of love into your crystal skull, welcome it as a new friend and a tool to serve you in the awakening of your own consciousness.  As you awaken the crystal skull, you too will be awakened, and vice versa. Once you have energized the crystal skull with your love, then you can program the crystal skull by asking it to serve you in a particular way.
  2. You can listen to guided meditations for energizing, activating and programming your crystal skulls.
  3. You can energize and activate your crystal skulls by anointing them with gem essences, particularly crystal skull gem essences that hold the essential energy frequency and vibrational signature of other significant and powerful crystal skulls.
  4. You can choose crystal skulls that have already been energized, activated and awakened by other significant and powerful crystal skulls.  These energized and activated crystal skulls will already be filled with light and hold vibrational energies for your highest good and the highest good of all.  (This is the case with the crystal skulls energized within the presence of my [Amar] energy field).
  5. You may energize and activate other crystal skulls with a crystal skull that has been energized and activated by a significant or powerful crystal skull.  There are a few things to be aware of when doing this: quartz is the most powerful medium for this purpose, because a quartz crystal skull can be imprinted with more power, energy and consciousness than most other stones; and size usually DOES matter if you are wanting an energized crystal skull to energize other crystal skulls, bigger usually is better because it can hold more charge and “memory”.  Keep in mind that when using an energized crystal skull to energize other crystal skulls, it is akin to learning from an apprentice versus learning directly from a master, therefore, the energy and consciousness is somewhat “diluted” so to speak.

The more you work with your crystal skulls, the more activated and energized they become and remain.  However, you do not have to work with your crystal skulls directly in order for them to continue to work with you and for you.  Crystal skulls raise the vibration of everyone and everything around them, just by sitting in the room.  But, please do not EVER place crystal skulls in a case behind glass, for this causes the energy to go dormant once again – it is energetically suffocating for crystal skulls to be locked away.  In order to remain energetically active and vibrant, crystal skulls must be able to emit and receive energy freely (although crystal skulls may remain active when buried in the ground, in a cave, underwater, etc.).

Regarding the earlier question of past lives, it is not necessarily the case that those who are attracted to crystal skulls have worked with them in other lifetimes, although it certainly can be so.  The reason that crystal skulls are spreading throughout the Earth at this time is to uplift the consciousness of humanity and raise the frequency and vibration of the Earth and all living things on the earthplane, in order to facilitate the transition into higher dimensional reality.  This is the purpose that we serve at this time.  Those who are called to surround themselves with many crystal skulls are being guided to raise their frequency so this transition and transformation is as smooth and as comfortable as possible for all those around them.  Being in the presence of crystal skulls, particularly crystal skulls that are energized and activated, is uplifting on all levels spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically


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