The Secrets of Rapid Manifestation

The Secrets of Rapid Manifestation
by Dr. Robert Anthony

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A few years ago I discovered a formula that allowed me to bring whatever I desired into
my life almost instantly. I call it RAPID MANIFESTATION. Rapid Manifestation is based
on the premise that we attract what we vibrate in the PRESENT MOMENT. In other
words, what we have in our life is a vibrational match to our present moment awareness.
Everything comes to us through the most elemental law of physics – LIKE ATTRACTS
LIKE! Like Attracts Like is nothing more than the Law of Attraction. It is absolute and has
nothing to do with your personality, your religious beliefs, being a “good” or a “bad” person
or anything else. No one lives beyond this Law. It is an irrefutable law of the universe.
You may not have realized until now that this Law applies to your life and every other
person’s life on the planet. The Law of Attraction, like all laws, is impartial and impersonal,
which means it works when you want it to and when you don’t want it to.
It is important to understand that you are a CREATOR. In fact, you have no choice
about whether you are creating because you are ALWAYS creating whether you realize
it or not.
However, you do have a choice about WHAT you create. Unfortunately, most creations
in people’s lives are by default. This is why most people feel their lives are out of control
or that things are “happening” to them.
The reason we feel that things are “happening” to us is because we do not understand
how the Law of Attraction works. This causes us to reap results, benefits and disadvantages
that we do not understand.
The Law of Attraction is irresistible. All natural laws are irresistible. This includes the
law of gravity, electricity or any other law that operates with mathematical exactitude.
There is no variation. The law works perfectly EVERY time. Only the channel of distribution
may be imperfect.

In order to understand how the Law of Attraction and RAPID MANIFESTATION works
and how it affects our lives, we need to take a few moments and talk about our creative
thought process.
Put simply, every thought that you think has its own energetic vibrational frequency.
That thought is impressed into your subconscious mind. Then, through the Law of
Attraction it will energetically attract another person, place, thing, or circumstance that
has a vibrational match or is vibrating at the same frequency. Every thought is a vibratory
pattern. Vibratory patterns tend to resonate with similar vibrations and this resonance
initiates the creative process.
Quantum physics has shown that all matter is simply a certain vibratory rate of energy.
Matter is attracted to other matter. We call this the Law of Gravity. All energies will
gravitate to other energies of the same or similar vibratory rates. All beliefs and
thoughts, especially when attached to or accompanied by a strong emotional current,
vibrate at a certain frequency or energy. And things, events, people and ideas that
vibrate harmoniously with these thoughts will gravitate to them.
Everything is created through energetic vibration. Sound is vibration. Light is vibration.
Matter is vibration. Thought is vibration. Emotion is vibration. Everything is vibration.
Anything that vibrates at a specific pattern will attract like vibrations. This works on the
chemical, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.
Once you understand this principle you will realize why you do NOT have the things
you desire in your life. Whenever you think about something you do NOT want, you set
into motion the vibratory pattern that attracts the very thing you are trying to avoid.
The same thing happens if you reach into your past experience and project the negativity
into your present or future. You will attract more of the same thoughts from other people;
more conversation, more evidence, more circumstances and more events that perpetuate
this negative thought. Like attracts like. It cannot be avoided. It works the same
way for positive or creative thought. Whatever you focus your intention on you attract.
In this inclusion based Universe, you attract what you think about, whether you want it

equally as well.
The important point is this: The more you struggle against something that you do NOT
want, the more you attract it to yourself because you set up RESISTANCE to what you
want. It can be summed up in this statement – Whatever you resist will continue to persist.
We have been programmed with the mistaken belief that we can get what we want by
resisting or defeating what we don’t want. However, that defies the Law of Attraction.
Here is what you must know. That which you defend against will become your experience,
that which you fear or worry about will become your experience and that which
you prepare against will become your experience.
What we fail to understand is that the defense against sickness is the cause of it. The
defense against poverty is the cause of it. The defense against evil is the cause of it.
The defense of being hurt in a relationship is the cause of not having the relationship
we desire.
As you prepare yourself and guard yourself, and are frightened and worried about anything
you do not want, by focusing your attention on it and adding emotion to your
thought, you are attracting the very thing you are trying to guard against. The more you
try to defend, resist and guard against it, the more you fear it and the more powerful
the attraction becomes.
However, the good news is if you put yourself in a clear, unrestrained nonresistance
state of mind – even for just a few minutes with RAPID MANIFESTATION – allowing
what you desire, you only need to relax, and it will come to you. Rather than struggling
against illness, relax and allow wellness. Rather than fighting against poverty or not
having enough, just relax and allow more to come into your life. This means no more
struggle and strain. No more discouragement, doubt, worry and defeat, but a sure and
happy process of creating the life you desire. As you look into your own life experience
and see the lack of anything; money, relationships, or whatever you desire, understand

that lack exists for only one reason. You have chosen thoughts that are not in harmony
with your desire and so you are literally vibrating or attracting what you are getting.
When you understand precisely how everything comes to you, you are also free forever
from worry and fear about what others may do to you. You no longer have to worry
about the economic conditions, the government, your parents, and all the influences
that you fear. The only reason you worry and feel threatened is because you have
accepted the belief that if someone else does something that is not in harmony with
what you desire it will somehow affect your life. But it cannot come into your life if you
do not invite it through the energy of your thoughts, fears and worry.
Nothing is more important than focusing on what you want. That is the mindset that
you have to have to be at. In other words, you must stop trying to get rid of things that
you don’t want or don’t make you feel good, because you can’t. You can’t make people
go away or make them stop thinking or talking about you. You can’t rid the world of terrorists.
You can’t rid the world of disease. You can’t get rid of the things that you don’t
want. This is an illusion. It has never worked since recorded history and will never work
because it violates the Law of Attraction.
RAPID MANIFESTATION helps you to find the Path of Least Resistance to what you
desire. As you are reaching, in a determined way, for the Path of Least Resistance,
anything that is resistant within you will present itself for you to take a look at. All your
fears, doubts, and insecurities will pop up. This is your subconscious resistance based
on your past experiences. All you have to do when this happens is to turn your focus in
the other direction toward what you want.
As you start focusing on your desire, you become the owner of it, so to speak, without
the complication of the details of manifestation. The Universe knows the essence of
what you are reaching for and is yielding to you what you really want in the moment
that you are able to relax and let go.
If you plant a seed in your garden I am sure you have enough common sense to know
that your creation is well underway before you see any physical evidence. It is highly
unlikely you will go out to your garden and stomp on the seed you planted and

to do their work and the small seed you planted matures
into what you desire.
If you look at your life you will see you have planted many wonderful seeds of creation.
However, in your impatience, worry or lack of understanding concerning the principles
of the creative process you have focused on what you don’t have or don’t want and
therefore have destroyed or sabotaged the seeds of your desire.
Your desires will come to you at the very best time. You can influence the very best
time by releasing your desire and saying, “The Universe knows the bigger picture. I’m
going to let it deal with the timing of this. Meanwhile, I’ll just do everything I can to
keep focused on what I desire or open myself to SOMETHING BETTER!”
Sometimes you may think there is a shortage of what you desire. That you will not get
what you want because someone else will get there first. What you must realize is
there is no shortage. If you miss one opportunity, another will open up, then another,
then another. Your stream of opportunity never runs out. You don’t have to tire yourself
by trying to force things to happen – just enjoy what you have and create more of what
you desire.
You must know that Universe supports you in everything that you desire, and that there
is nothing that you can identify, whether you articulate it or not, that the Universe withholds
from you. All things are given in the moment that you ask and accept.
When you are specific about what you want, and you accept the Path of Least
Resistance, the Energy flows through you toward your inspired idea – and you will
manifest what you desire. However, if you want more than you believe you can
achieve, you’re out of balance. And if what you are accepting is less than what you
want, you’re out of balance. And so, you have to find your balance.
You must know, believe and understand that you are creating what you call your future
in this moment. What you are looking for is balance in your thinking. In other words,
living in the present moment while giving thought to something you desire and expect-ing it. If you desire and expect it, it will be yours.
If there is anything that I want you to take away from this is that you do not have to
struggle to have what you want. Let the Universe that links everything together (and
allows the seed to grow) to take care of the process or the details. When you focus on
the end result, you will be guided to the specific people, circumstances, conditions,
techniques or strategies in HOW to go about bringing forth your desire. Furthermore,
you will KNOW that these people, circumstances, conditions, techniques or strategies
are the “right” ones by the way you feel because you will feel positive emotion.
RAPID MANIFESTATION is about is accepting that whatever you desire is already
yours NOW. Everything is created NOW. If you visualize or think about the future, you
will wait longer than necessary to manifest what your desire.
What this technique does is allow you to create in the NOW. It forces you mind to stay
in the present while you create what you want. It is an ACTIVE exercise where you are
taken through the RAPID MANIFESTATION process. It is short, simple, but extremely
Since I have learned this technique I have rapidly attracted everything I have ever
desired. If you are ready to accept what you desire NOW – RAPID MANIFESTATION
can help you to attract it the shortest possible time.
Dr. Robert Anthony is the author of fifteen books, including his
million copy best sellers: “The Ultimate Secrets of Total Self Confidence”,
“Advanced Formula For Total Success” and “Doing What You Love – Loving

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