Psychic Protection

For use when you feel you are are under psychic or energetic attack or some kind of unwanted, invading energy seems to be thrust upon you.
To Use:

Imagine the figure below resting in front of your third eye (brow chakra). The send this figure away from you. Watch the figure get smaller and smaller until only the a dot remains and then see the dot vanish. This process should only take several seconds. Form the image clearly and then quickly send it away.

How it works:

The figure and the color open up a energy vortex that absorbs all unbalanced energy on to the figure. The figure becomes a magnet and attracts all these energies. Sending the figure away sends the energies away from you and back to the source of the disturbance.

Protectie Psihica


  • It can take up to five minutes for the attacking energy to be returned back to its source. However in most cases the invading energy is returned immediately, what remains is just the body still reacting to the attack, which takes about 5 minutes to process.
  • The energy repelled with this technique is returned to the source three-fold. This makes it a very effective defense weapon as the attacker will eventually have to cease his or her efforts or be subject to his/her own energy consuming them at three times the strength that they sent it out to you.
  • You can repeat the process again, if necessary, about every 5 minutes or until the energy leaves you.
  • f you need to, it is okay to create the Merkabah again. It is strengthened by periodic use.



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