The MPE (Middle Pillar exercise)

 For energy balance and build up.

  1. Stand Upright.
  2. Imagine a white hot stream of light coming down from above your head.
  3. Pull this light down the center of your body and see this light go into the earth between your feet.
  4. Do this visualization for a total of five breaths.
  5. Now circulate this energy around your aura in a circle. Visualize this energy coming out of the top of your head and going around the outskirts of your energy field, one stream going to the left and the other stream going to the right. The two streams should reconnect at the feet and enter back into the center of your body. This visualization is similar to a water fountain effect.
  6. Do this visualization for five breaths.
  7. You are done.


  • This exercise should take no longer than 2 minutes to complete.
  • Doing this exercise three times a day, will significantly increase your energy level over a two week period.
  • This exercise is great for clearing away the aura of normal negativity.
  • For Astral Projection (Out of Body travel) this exercise is a *MUST* do!
  • This exercise is also good for increasing dream recall.

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