Entity Removal – Energy Clearing, Expel Negative Energy and Entities

Autor Anthony Sommer

Web http://www.anthonysommer.ca/

Please be careful using this one, it has many very intense frequencies. Do not use headphones.

The intention of this video was to expel and repel malignant disembodied spirits who could be siphoning energy from you or individuals around you. Some individuals have a serious infestation and this will often include more than one entity, this could be due to the infused power of an object/material, or due to the mental/spiritual instability and brainwaves of an individual. The Astral plane is also created from the elements, and forms the basis of everything which has an origin, regulation and life existence, everything which has already occurred, is occurring presently, or will occur in the future in the material world (physical plane). Therefore it is also the sphere of vibrations in which light, sound, color, rhythm, and life in everything created has it’s origin, it is timeless, and space-less. The astral plane has different kinds of inhabitants. There are departed human beings from the physical plane that linger there in accordance with their degree of spiritual maturity in the corresponding degree of density. This is often depicted as Heaven or Hell, however this is symbolic. The more perfected, noble and purer a being is, he will therefore reside in a much purer and finer degree of density in the astral plane or sphere. Besides the aforementioned human beings, the astral plane is inhabited by many other beings, which I will talk more about on my other channel Hive Mind. This will include more information on the Elements, Astral and Physical plane, and everything else that is pre-requisite.

Edit: The unidentifiable noises which can be heard are prayers which are used in exorcisms. Please do not interrupt them and allow them to finish being recited.


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