Fear and Anxiety Relief – Abolish Fears/Worries, Negativity, Uncertainty, Illogical Emotions

Autor Anthony Sommer


The intention of this video is to help those who suffer from anxiety and fear. This is considered an irrational condition however it can be directly challenged with intelligence and self discipline (thought awareness, control, and eventual mastery).

The severity of anxiety can range from being unconscious worries, to chronic mild anxiety, to severe multi-hour panic attacks and even beyond that in rare cases.

For those with anxiety, I encourage you to try to concentrate and attempt to count how many times you hear a resonance per second, resetting your number every second. (eg. 1234,12345,123,12345, etc)

In the past I have suffered from severe anxiety in different forms and from different causes. I have had some severely rough psychedelic trips too, which have resulted in multi-hour panic attacks during the peaks/coming up.

Research has proven that there is no single power in the universe, and consequently in human beings, that does not display it’s opposite. Therefore we may consider the subconscious to be the opposite of normal consciousness. Whatever our normal consciousness conceives or understands under the notion of thinking, feelings, volition, memory, reason, and intellect is reflected in our subconscious as the opposite effect. From a practical point of view, our subconscious can be considered as our opponent or adversary (for the practice of power, thought control, discipline and mastery).

In this video we are focusing on the first twelve Fibonacci digits, excluding 0.

We start from 1HZ and then work our way up to 2, then to 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, and once reaching the beautiful 144 we work our way back down and repeat.

This video has a beautiful, seemingly sporadic pulse, even though it’s all 7.83HZ the fluctuation of frequency changes frequently.

I have another video which is similar to this, however they are both certainly different.

The first 12 digits of the Fibonacci Sequence is as follows:

n f(n)
0] 0
1] 1
2] 1
3] 2
4] 3
5] 5
6] 8
7] 13
8] 21
9] 34
10] 55
11] 89
12] 144


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