Whole Body/Being Regeneration – Extremely Powerful Physical, Mental and Spiritual Healing

This video was specifically designed to regenerate the entire body. It uses monaural, binaural, isochronic and panning sine waves which release energy blockages, increase bio-electricity flow, chakra healing, DNA activation, ascend serpentine power (Kundalini), produce stem cells, activate/stimulate nerves in the brain (especially in the third ventricle), synchronize brain hemispheres, induce deep relaxation, clarity, open-mindedness and it will help balance the elements inside of the body (Ether/Akasha, Fire, Water, Air, Earth) among many other effects.

108HZ – Wholeness of existence, spiritual ascendance, time and space, physiology, Yin-Yang energy, there is literally far too many ideas to note about this number. If I were to attempt this there would certainly be no room for the rest.

9.6HZ – Powerful DNA Repair (Even supported by NASA)

7.83HZ – Earth’s Resonance

4.5HZ – Shamanic Consciousness

3.5HZ – Whole Body Healing

3.14159265359HZ – Holy constant π (Pi)

3HZ – Trinity, Pineal Gland (third eye), AUM(Mind, Body, Soul), Quantum Mechanics, among countless other sacred symbols and ideas.

2.71828182846HZ – Holy constant e (Euler’s Number)

2.222222222222HZ – Polarity, Duality, Reality

1.61803398875HZ – Holy constant Φ (Golden Ratio/Phi)

1.5HZ – Abraham’s Universal Healing Rate (for those with Chronic illness, fatigue)

1HZ – Unity, measurement for a second in time

0.5HZ – ε (Epsilon) – Out of body experiences, Pineal gland activation/decalcification, bliss/nirvana, profound insight, suspended animation, deepest meditation)

Some more information on the number 108:
“Renowned mathematicians of Vedic culture viewed 108 as a number of the wholeness of existence. This number also connects the Sun, Moon, and Earth: The average distance of the Sun and the Moon to Earth is 108 times their respective diameters.”

“There are 12 constellation and 9 arc segments. 9 times 12 equal 108. The 9 planets traveling through the 12 signs constitute the whole of existence. 9 x 12 = 108. The 27 nakshatras or lunar constellations spread over the 4 elements – fire, earth, air, water or the 4 directions – north, south, east, and west. This also constitutes the whole of existence. 27 x 4 = 108.”

“The number 108 is also one of great significance inside of the Rosicrucian order since it exemplifies the timeframe of some of their cycles. ”

“Even the pre-historic monument Stonehenge is 108 feet in diameter.”

“108 sacred books constitute the holy writings for Tibetans”

“Lankavatara Sutra ancient teachings refer repeatedly to many temples with 108 steps.”

“According to Chinese and Indian Martial Arts: Marma Adi and Ayurveda, there are 108 pressure points in a human body.”

“108 is a Harshad Number, an integer divisible by the sum of its digits. Harshad in Sanskrit means “joy-giver.””

“The earth cycle is supposed to be of 2160 years = 20 x 108.”

There is much more and this hardly scratches the surface of what 108 is tied to physically, spiritually, symbolically, and allegorically.

Some interesting data on 10 Hz is contained in a 2003 study by NASA/Goodwin (and patent filed later by NASA) on a PEMF system at or around Earth-based amplitude of 1/2 Gauss. Before sanitizing the study they included data on 5 Hz/10 Hz/15 Hz. What they found was 5 and 15 Hz doubled tissue regeneration, but 10 Hz quadrupled it (nice bell shaped curve). Curiously, at about 20 some-odd days the 10 Hz tissue sample re- verted to a developmental genetic signature (previously mature). Some 120+ maturity genes turned off, and 120+ developmental ones turned on.”

The reason why it is encouraged to drop to 9.6 from 10 is because it seems to be more consistent with some of our most important healing frequencies.

144/9.6 = 15
432/9.6 = 45
528/9.6 = 55

Headphones or speakers may be used, however headphones may be more effective.

NOTE: Low quality speakers will not clearly resonate these frequencies. If this is the case, use your headphones.


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