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Atat de simplu

Atât de simpluE simplu să-nţelegi, doar când în ochi priveşti
Şi să citeşti un gând de bucurie sau de supărare.
E-atât de simplu când sincer tu iubeşti,
S-alini Tot, c-o mângâiere sau c-o-mbrătişare.

E foarte simplă ziua când zorile-şi arată,
Şi-ntunecimea nopţii, deodat” aşa dispare,
Trăgând uşor perdeaua de peste lumi lăsată,
Dezvăluind imagini, când soarele apare.

E-atât de simplă floarea în ale ei petale,
Şi creşte pe câmpie şi chiar pe colţ de stâncă..
Hrănindu-se cu soare şi apă din izvoare
Se mângâie cu vântul, ce-ntruna o alintă.

E-atât de simplă viaţa şi moartea este simplă,
Te naşti într-o secundă şi mori intr-o secundă,
Şi doar în mintea noastră atâtea se întamplă,
Făcând aproape totul, Esenţa să ne-ascundă...

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Raven Symbolism

Raven Symbolism

If you’re looking for raven symbolism pertaining to ill omen, death or other gruesome turns of thought, look elsewhere. There are plenty sources to feed macabre minds, and malign the raven.

It’s not that I’m a big advocate of raven energy, and even if I were, it wouldn’t matter because the raven needs no champion. Content to move about its bizarre ways in solo-mode, the raven could care less if I’m pro or con for its symbolic status.

I just think the raven has more to offer than uneducated conjecture and superstition (most of which has only cropped up over the last few centuries).

A lot of negative raven symbolism comes about from their appearance on battlefields...

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Snake Symbolic Meaning

Snake symbolic meaning, overwhelmingly and in various cultures, deals withprimordial life force and usually turns our attention to gender supremacy (both male and female).
Consequently, snakes span the symbolic bridge between lunar and solarassociations as well as aspects between water and fire.
Coiled within this polarity, we clearly see symbolism of duality and the search for balance. Other snake symbolic meaning includes:
Occult (hidden) Knowledge
Male/Female, Yin-Yang, Duality

As a Native American Indian symbol (depending on the nation/tribe) the snake can be a masculine symbol, associated with the phallus of lightning which is conside...

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Finding your Power Animals

Finding your Power Animals
Power animals most often come to us in dreams, meditations, initiations, and visions. You can have more than one power animal. Your power animal at a given time can change depending on your lifepath at that time. Power animals are often attracted by one’s emotional needs of the person – viewed as protectors wh help overcome fears and empower us.The concept of a Power Animal is universal to all cultures. Tribal cultures will recognize a Totem for the tribe, one for the clan one belongs to, and one for the family that one is born into. In the United States, and in other countries, the Tribal and Clan Totem still exists, although it is thought of in a slightly different manner.

There are also totems for our adopted cultures, such as clubs or societies which we may b...

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Symbolic Elephant Meaning

Elephant Meanings and Symbolic Thoughts about the Elephant

Symbolic elephant meaning deals primarily with strength, honor, stability and patience, among other attributes.

To the Hindu way of thought, the elephant is found in the form of Ganesha who is the god of luck, fortune, protection and is a blessing upon all new projects. Ganesha in all his magnificently vibrant elephant glory, is intent on bulldozing obstacles on your behalf (funnily, male elephants are termed “bulls”).

In many western cultures, the elephant meaning pertains to:

In Christian symbolism the elephant is an icon of temperance, patience, and chastity.

As a Chinese symbol, the elephant is considered a symbol of:

good luck
Some Asian cultures also believe the...

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Fox Animal Symbolism

Thoughts on Fox Meanings, Fox Totems and Animal Symbolism Related to the Fox

In China, fox animal symbolism revolved around the afterlife. Lore has it that a fox sighting was thought to be a signal from the spirits of the deceased.
Fox animal symbolism takes a turn of intelligence in theCeltic realm, as the Celts believed the fox to be a guide, and was honored for its wisdom. The Celts understood the fox knows the woods intimately, and they would rely upon the fox as their guide in the spirit world.
In Japan, the fox was considered one of the rain spirits, and a messenger of Inari the rice god. Here the fox also symbolizes longevity and protection from evil.
In Native American lore, fox animal symbolism deals with two interpretations...

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Despre Animal Totems and Animal Symbolism

Additionally, they assist in understanding our past, and if we are attentive, our animal totems can reveal glimpses of our future.
Webster’s Dictionary defines a totem as: “A natural object, usually an animal that serves as a distinctive, often venerated emblem or symbol – usually a means of personal or spiritual identity.”

Native American animal totems most commonly come to mind when discussing this topic. However, animal signs are found throughout all cultures spanning the globe.

Since time immemorial, animals have served as harbingers of personality traits we, as humans, all aspire to achieve. This makes animals some of the most powerful symbols in our spiritual toolbox.
Animals afford us visions of how our lives could be if we lived more simply and lived with purity of thought and e...

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Animal Symbolism of the Turtle

Turtle Meanings and Totem/Animal Symbolism of the Turtle

Those with the turtle as their animal totem can relate to the “sure and steady” message this creature brings to our lives.

It is also a powerful totem for protection as withdrawing into it’s shell is an amazing self-defense mechanism.

The turtle has few predators, which gives it an innocent energy. This also increases its lifespan, and so holds the symbolic meaning for longevity in many cultures.

Animal symbolism of the turtle includes:


Because of its seemingly wide-eyed, long-lived, carefree attitude the turtle is often thought to be the wisest of souls among the animal kingdom...

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Animal Symbolism of the Octopus

Octopus Meaning and Symbolism

Diverse and impressive, octopus animal symbolism requires years of exploration and demands innumerable pages of symbolic explanation.

Truth be known, I’ve got a soft spot for the octopus. She’s come to me on several occasions, imparting much needed and (to me) sacred insight.

The following bulletpoints and paragraphs detail some of these insights on a symbolic, spiritual, energetic level. Because of her endless attributes, I’ve provided only a few areas of contemplation here (I was serious about the octopus deserving a book for all her implications in my blog post on the octopus here).

A quick-list of octopus animal symbolism includes attributes such as…


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Animal Symbolism of the Deer

Deer Symbolism

When we encounter the deer in the wild, our breath catches – we are transfixed by their graceful features and delicate movements. The tender beauty of these beasts has not gone unnoticed by our ancestors.

The deer is linked to the arts, specifically poetry and music in ancient Celtic animal lore due to its graceful form. The Celts also believed that deer were associated with the fairie realm, and would lead troops of fairies – hundreds of them trailing behind them as the stag cut a path through the forest.

Both Celts and Native Americans observed the deer to be savvy when it came to finding the best herbs. These earth-bound peoples would follow the deer to prime herb patches – many of which proved to be highly beneficial in their medicinal purposes.

A quick-list of a...

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