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Skincare benefits

Dermatitis • Stretch Marks
Eczema • Acne
Psoriasis • Mature Skin
Varicose Veins • Dry Skin
Cellulite • Wrinkles
Enhanced wound healing
Antifungal activity
Antibacterial activity

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Medicinal benefits

Bruises / Sprains / Strains
Burns (including sunburn)
Wounds and Scars
Nervousness / Tension / Stress
Motion Sickness • Fatigue
Respiratory Conditions including colds, flu, sore throat, asthma and bronchitis
Purifying the Air
Muscular aches and pains
Fungal infections such as athletes foot and nail fungus
Reduce skin inflammation
Enhance wound healing
Digestive disorders such as Constipation

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Aromatherapy has proven,...

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Despre aromoterapie

Aromaterapie in toate aspectele …terapie, protectie,magia simturilor si a mirosului…… minunate uleiuri esentiale si informatii…Sfaturi practice si retete… …corespondenta vibrationala dintre uleiuri esentiale si suflet… o pagina mereu deschisa

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Aromatherapy for Sexual Dysfunction by Kylie Thompson

This article first published at WaveLengths Natural Health

Aromatherapy for Sexual Dysfunction and Reproductive Problems
Origins of Sexual Problems
Sexual problems like impotence, infertility and frigidity often are related to a psychological problem that has established itself from stress related conditions. The loss of physical sexual function can also create its own set of emotional responses, which can also lead to stress, depression and anxiety.
Libido problems like frigidity (Anorgasmia), impotence and retarded ejaculation can result from emotional frustration or negative feelings, causing a loss in sexual appetite. Usually when the emotional problems are resolved, the libido and function will return...

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Aromaterapie pentru inlaturarea stresului si oboselii

Puteti folosii urmatoarele combinatii de arome pentru inlaturarea oboselii mentale dupa o zii lunga de munca sau cind vreti sa scapatii de ginduri obositoare si sa experimenttai pacea mentala:

Patchouli (5 picaturi)
Muscata (20 dropspicaturi)
Bergamot (10 picaturi)
Lavender (5 picaturi)
Ylang ylang (10 picaturi)

Amestecati toate uleiurile de mai sus in 150 g de ulei de migdale dulci. Adaugati aceasta combinatie in apa fierbinte pentru baie si relaxati-va.
Aceasta combinatie este deasemeni minunata pentru masaj

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“Aromatherapy Safety Guidelines”

Aromatherapy Safety Guidelines

These Guidelines Have Been Approved by a Member of the NAHA Safety Committee

Always dilute your essential oils for Safe Skin Application.
Use a cold processed, unfiltered, or naturally filtered vegetable oil like light coconut oil or jojoba to dilute your essential oils. Stop using essential oils immediately if there is any skin irritation.

When using a pure, undiluted essential oil for inhalation always keep a bottle of carrier oil, such as jojoba, handy. If oil comes in contact with your skin dilute immediately with your carrier oil to avoid discomfort, or possible skin irritation. Keep undiluted oils out of the reach of children!

Keep bottles of essential oils tightly closed and store in a cool location away from light...

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Cleaning With Essential Oils by: Rashell J. Dibble

Tired of all those harsh cleaning chemicals?
You don’t have to put up with them! Try using essential oils to clean with instead, they work great and smell nice,

Room Disinfectants
8 drops Lemon
5 drops Pine Needle
2 drops Wild Oregano
(Softer floral aroma)
8 drops Lavender Fine
5 drops Thyme Linalol
2 drops Wild Oregano
Mix with 8 fl. oz. purified water in a
spray bottle (shake before using). Mist
into air as needed or spray on counters
or other non-wood surfaces and wipe
Cutting board disinfectant –
Blend 2 tablespoons of salt with 2
tablespoons of baking soda. Add water
until paste forms, and then mix in 2
drops of thyme oil. Rub into cutting
board and let sit one hour. Rinse well.
Polish, mirrors –
1 cup of water
1 cup of white vinegar
1 tsp...

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Relaxant muscular

Amestecati 2 linguri de supa cu ulei de migdale dulci si 2 picaturi de ulei esential din Musetel German si 2 picaturi de ulei esential din Rosemary.
Masati zona afectata pentru relaxare musculara . Reduce inflamatia si creste circulatia singelui

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Gattefosse – The Father Of Modern Aromatherapy

Gattefosse – The Father Of Modern Aromatherapy

In 1910 French chemist and scholar Rene-Maurice Gattefosse discovered the virtues of the essential oil of lavender. Gattefosse badly burned his hand during an experiment in a perfumery plant and plunged his hand into the nearest tub of liquid which just happened to be lavender essential oil. He was later amazed at how quickly his burn healed and with very little scarring. This started a fascination with essential oils and inspired him to experiment with them during the First World War on soldiers in the military hospitals. He used oils of lavender, thyme, lemon and clove for their antiseptic properties...

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What’s Your Aromascope? by Kylie Thompson

What’s Your Aromascope?
Kylie Thompson
This article will help you decide out of the 100’s of essential oils available which will be of particular benefit to you as an individual. This article is based on the book written by Philippe Mailhebiau, “Portrait in Oils-The Personality of Aromatherapy Oils and Their Link with Human Temperaments.”
The book details a system of identifying the personality profile of an essential oil by capturing its qualities and comparing them with human temperaments traits. The idea behind this system is that certain oils blend well with certain temperaments/personalities, making those particular oils the best choices for the individual to counteract negative personality aspects and traits...
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Aromaterapie cu Tei

Uleiul esential din Tei se poate folosi pentru a reface sistemul nervos.
Teiul este considerat a ii un bun remediu pentru trup si spirit.
Mireasma teiului inlatura oboseala si depresia.
Se poate folosii in orice fel de lampa pentru aromaterapie.

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