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mandaka purificarii

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Plato wrote about this land called Atlantis in two of his dialogues, Timaeus and Critias, around 370 B.C. Plato stated that the continent lay in the Atlantic Ocean near the Straits of Gibraltar until its destruction 10,000 years

Plato described Atlantis as alternating rings of sea and land,
with a palace in the center ‘bull’s eye’.

The Capitol of Atlantis

imaeus begins with an introduction, followed by an account of the creations and structure of the universe and ancient civilizations. In the introduction, Socrates muses on the perfect society (as described in Plato’s Republic) and wonders if he and his guests could come up with a story which puts this society into action...

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Lemurian Home Coming-Regreso al Hogar Lemuriano

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Planetary Polarity Attunement

The purpose of this ancient Atlantean exercise is to align us with the energy
field of the Earth, thus putting us in tune with the Earth and all its energies. It is
said that one of the effects of this is tremendous rejuvenation, physical regeneration,
and long life.
Get a compass and find the exact direction of north/south. Lie down flat on
your back with your body aligned north/south, your head pointing towards the
south. Relax your body. Watch your body breathe. Feel yourself dissolve into oneness
with whatever you’re laying on (you are not supposed to really believe this is
happening, just imagine feeling the sensations). Extend this feeling to whatever is
below that until you feel you are part of, and one with, the ground, the Earth itself.
Imagine the immens...
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The Dolphins Of Atlantis 

There are many places around the world where dolphins have developed bonds with humans. Some beaches have dolphins who choose to come close to the swimmers. Some native islanders fish with the help of dolphins who would round up a school of fish and drive them into waiting nets. Still, there has never been a level of communication as was in the great lost city of Atlantis. 
In the ancient lost city of Atlantis, there was a particularly close bond. In fact, the people there could talk with the dolphins. Oh no, not in any conventional “language” as we know it but in a pictorial language which is the natural means by which dolphins communicate with each other...

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Metaphysics and Grids

Reality is a holographic grid program created by consciousness that repeats in cycles and can be best understood by studying Sacred Geometry. The grids are a matrix of sound, light and color through which we virtually experience and learn. In physical reality grids are electromagnetic energy thus creating polarity or duality of experience, always seeking to restore balance and forever in (spiraling) motion. Grids never stop creating programs of experience.

12 Around 1

Creation begins as a source of sound, light and color emanating from a pulsating orb of consciousness...

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Autor: G. H. Williamson
Cartea aceasta răspunde următoarelor întrebări:
1. Cine a construit Marea Piramidă şi de ce?
2. Au existat, în realitate, Atlantida şi Continentul Mu? Unii dintre “zeii” antichităţii au fost într-adevăr vizitatori din spaţiu?
3. Cine a fost Faraonul Exodului?
4. Cine a fost faraon, când Iosif a condus Egiptul?
5. Solomon a trăit în secolul al XVI-lea sau în secolul X î.I.Ch.?
6. Cine era Regina din Saba?
7. A fost Menelik fiul lui Solomon şi al Reginei din Saba?
8. A fost, într-adevăr, “rostogolită” o mare piatră, în faţa intrării mormântului lui Iisus?
9. De ce i-a părăsit Marcu pe Paul şi Barnaba, laPergam?
10. Unde a fost sărbătorită CINA cea de TAINĂ?
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Conan Barbarian Sword Tribute [Anvil of Crom]

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Awakening the Atlantean Crystals Archangel Metatron

Archangel Metatron Channel: 
Arkansas: Awakening the Atlantean Crystals 
Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn April 2008

Dear Earth-Keepers & Family, 

We have received quite a few emails requesting information on the Arkansas Crystal Vortex, and more specificly if there are any planned meditations or gatherings around the activation date for the Atlantean Blue Crystal. Metatron has told us the Blue Crystal shifts into 25% activation on the summer solstice, which occurs this year on Friday, June 20th ( not 21st) , and goes into 50% activation on the 8-8-8, 8 August, 2008. We are planning a ‘global’ meditation to align our energy, highest intent and love to the Blue Crystal on Friday June 20th for 30 minutes at: 
6 PM – PDT 
7 Pm – MDT 
8 PM – CDT 
9 Pm – EDT 
We invite all of ...

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The Cycles of Time – Atlantis Revisited

Through the darkness of the Void

An orb of pulsating white light bursts into existence.

A single tone resonates within, followed by the emergence

of 12 spiraling cones of light that surround the orb

calling a new reality into existence.

Within each of the 12 cones,

3 creational forces of light manifest.

A glowing master crystal manifests.

It is placed within a pyramid in a program called

Atlantis or Azatland.

From within and without,

From above and below,

Grids form – connecting all and everything.

The Goddess comes into existence …

She “IS”

She is “ISIS”

With her are the God and the Child.

By her thoughts she creates

The 12 pyramids blend with the tones

creating spectrums of light geometry.

Isis takes the blue-white seed of this knowledge and places i...

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