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LUMEA DE JOS (The Lower World).Lumea de Jos, sau mai bine zis Lumile de Jos sunt lumile generate de marea visare a naturii . Aici vom intalni spiritele animalelor, atat ale speciilor ce traiesc acum , cat si ale speciilor disparute . Tot aici vom intalni animalele mitologice de genul vasilisc , inorog , aspida , balauri , zmei etc. Deasemeni aici putem intalni spiritele plantelor , apelor , padurilor , elfii si gnomii , silfii si salamandrele…Tot bestiarul povestilor din copilarie ne asteapta aici , cu intelepciune , veselie , putere, cunoastere.
Aspectul general al Lumii de Jos este de natura voluptuoasa in a fi ceea ce este: padurile sunt paduri maiestuoase, falezele- marete, plajele – perfecte, marile -cristal, deserturile- absolute.
Descrierile celor ce au vizitat aceste taramur...
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Shaman Stones Healing Stones

Shaman Stones Healing Stones
Shaman stones are high energy stones and are powerful allies to have for personal path workings and for healing. In personal matters the stones can connect the shaman with earth energies. They are powerful in grounding and energies. The stones can be used for contacting and interacting with our animal spirit guides.The stones are powerful protectors, they can absorb negative energy and transform it in to positive useful energy. If one stone is placed at the crown and another is placed on the soles of the feet, the shaman stones can purify and normalize the flow of chakra energies in the one being treated. The stones seem to have a positive effect on any area they are placed over...
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Soul Retrieval by Sandra Ingerman

Soul Retrieval by Sandra Ingerman

February 19, 2008 – Sandra Ingerman (37 minutes – 17.3mb)
This is an interview with Joanna Harcourt-Smith where Sandra speaks about shamanism, the power of the words we use, her relationship with her teacher Isis and other interesting things. There are also other interesting interviews on this link that you can listen to.Imagine yourself sitting in a circle with members of your community. You have gathered together to support one community member who is suffering from a traumatic experience. You know that if one person is suffering and is ill it effects the entire community. So you have come to help hold the space for healing to happen.
It is dark and the stars are shining bright in the night sky. The air is still...
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Tree Of Life: The Great Goddess

The Tree of Life is a map, a flow pattern, that all the spiritual traditions are based on. Originating in the times of the Great Goddess, the seasonal cycle of the tree is a metaphor of how life force consciousness emerges from the collective (Mother Goddess), differentiates, and then merges again into oneness.

In the trunk of the tree we see the maiden, mother and crone goddesses. On the horizon line, if you look carefully, you can see the pregnant earth mother goddess opening herself to the womb pool below. In the water we see a manifestation of the primordial ocean goddess. The seasonal cycle begins with the apple deep within the ocean near the bottom of the painting.

The Great Mother’s underworld oceanic womb was symbolized as an apple in both the Celtic and Egyptian traditions...

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Celebrating and Respecting Native American Traditions for Women Through Full Moon Ceremonies

Peaceful greetings to all within our Goddess Sisterhood

I wanted to share my experiences at the Full Moon Ceremony I attended last night.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a community of women, holding each others’ intentions with the highest regards, and sharing in each others joys, passions, successes, disappointments, trials and tribulations? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a community of like-minded women who bring honor and homage to each other, without prejudice or judgment, and with open arms and hearts? That is what I experienced last night when I was invited to my first Full Moon Ceremony led by a First Nation Elder that I was introduced to by one of the Grandmothers of the girls we work with.

The Grandmother Moon, our Sacred Earth Mother and all female relations in Nature are all re...

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Plant People and Root Medicine

I am going to venture that the man who sat on the ground in his tipi meditating on life and its meaning, accepting the kinship of all creatures, and acknowledging unity with the universe of things was infusing into his being the true essence of civilization.”
~Luther Standing Bear, Lakota

calling all ... plant people

calling all … plant people (Photo credit: petit hiboux)

The energies of the Plant People come to us through Mother Earth, and in this way, they infuse us with their energies, when we work with them. The same is true of any creature being, of course. When we realize that the creature-beings are equal to us, and use them with respect, they will teach us about themselves, and how to use them properly. Connecting to Mother Earth means connecting to all of the creature beings, and to their energies...

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Identify your limiting beliefs- by Sandra Ingerman

Transmutation News May 2011
Nature continues to give us some strong wake up calls!
We hold all of life in our hearts and prayers as the tornadoes in the Southeast of the United States continue to create a great deal of destruction.
It is important for all of us in our global community to remember that we all are connected to a web of life. As we continue to watch such transition throughout the world we are all being effected as we are all connected.
We must continue to do our spiritual work and to find ways to drop into our inner wisdom and listen to the messages that we are being given during this intense time of change.
And as we remember that we are connected to a web of life please acknowledge that every change in consciousness we make does ripple through the entire web of life.
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The Sky Chakras

In the sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth chakras development becomes transpersonal. We explore increasingly subtle domains.

Stepping beyond death was the attribute of the sixth chakra; mastery of time was the attribute of the seventh; invisibility the attribute of the eighth; and the ability to keep a secret was the attribute of the ninth.


The sixth chakra, or third eye, is located in the middle of the forehead. In the Hindu traditions it is thought to be the third eye of Shiva, who grants knowledge of perfect truth and nonduality. We express the divine within ourselves, and we see the divine in others. You realize that you are an eternal being inhabiting a temporal body.

When the sixth chakra is malfunctioning, the individual confuses information w...

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Autumn Equinox Ceremony: The Balance Point

Today, I want to share with you an Autumn Equinox Ritual, that was shared with myself and many others, several years ago byGrandfather Peter, a very wise and generous Teacher. I do not claim ownership of this Ritual, nor of the words used to present it. I am leaving it intact, the way Grandfather Peter presented it on his blog, years ago. This will be my 4th year using this ritual Ceremony, and it has brought balance to my life, as well as assisting me in being connected to the cycles of Mother Earth, and Grandfather Sun. I highly recommend this Ceremony! 

Grandfather Peter’s Autumn Equinox Ceremony

Are you Ready? 

It is… the Autumn Equinox and Thanksgiving Time on or around the 23rd September. Now is a good time to start thinking about the real meaning of this time...

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