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FIRE & LIGHT… You and Color Candle Healing!

Candles have been used in religion, for candle healing and for metaphysical purposes for about as long as fire has been around. It is a very powerful symbol for the activation of more fire and light in our lives – on both physical and subtle levels of body mind and spirit.

In Christianity, candles are commonly used in worship both for decoration and ambiance, and as symbols that represent the light of God, or specifically the light of Christ. Dr. Usuit the  founder of Reiki  was said to have walked through the streets of Tokyo with a lighted lantern in the daylight as a beacon for attracting . Reiki students...

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Lumanarea pentru bani si altele

-a lungul timpurilor  lumanarile au fost folosiute  in mod constant  in oricare ocazie si in special in practicile spirituale. Focul a fost instrumentul suprem folosit pentru izgonirea şi curăţare, distrugere viaţa şi moarte.

. În timp ce arde o :Lumanare Magica  , fumul ei  este ceea Acela poarta energia sau dorinta     noastra afară in  Univers.

Lumanarile Magice sunt foarte effective si usor de facut.Pentru a avea mai multa putere este  recomandat sa va faceti singuri Lumanarile Magice. Instructiunile  de baza pentru a realiza  o lumanare pentru vindecare  acestea  sunt urmatoarele”

  1. Alegeti culoarea potrivita pentru scopul  vostru.
  2. Alegeti uleiurile esentiale potrivite pentru scopul dorit.
  3. Curatati si purificati lumanarile, ele putand fii incarcate  cu energii care nu le a...
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Healing Properties of Yellow

Yellow – The Communicator

Following some of the Healing Properties of Yellow – Yellow is a good color to keep your nerves strong, it will get you talking, which helps clear the mind and correct forgetfulness.

Using this color is a good idea when you feel a lack of confidence or shyness. It will bring on laughter, fun and joy and it lifts depression.

It is a laughter color. Laughter is internal aerobics as it massages your organs thus it goes without saying laughter is one of the best tonics.

The brightest color of all, so make sure to let the “sunshine of the sunflower” enter your life!

Healing Properties – Yellow may help when:

you feel nervous or tired
you are sad
you have parasites
skin problems
weight problems
suffer from ulcers
poor digestion
This color corresponds to the biggest nerve ...

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energia lumanarilor

Eu sunt mai religioasa la modul ca ortodoxa fiind ma dedic mai mult rugaciunii si invataturilor religiei mele…

Citind articolul despre aducerea catre noi a unui anumit tip de energie prin metoda arderii lumanarilor ma gandeam ca acest lucru ar putea fi grevat pe rugaciunile crestine…adica, fara a minimaliza sau a arata lipsa de respect, sa multumim si sa invocam Dumnezeul nostru sau pe isus Hristos sau Sfanta Fecioara Maria in locul Spiritului naturii sau Mamei Pamant…

Cred in mult mai mult decat ne implementeaza preotii nostri crestini, tocmai de aceea practic Reiki si accept si inteleg si celelalte credinte, mi se par minunate si fascinante…pana la urma totul se reduce la Unul… tocmai de aceea am credinta ca ceea ce functioneaza intr-o religie poate functiona la fel de bine si in cel...

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Healing Properties of Orange

Orange – The Socializer

Following some of the Healing Properties of Orange – Orange provokes change, but with the awareness that change for the sake of change is not necessarily change for the better, it’s also the color of activity, enthusiasm and freedom.

It is a great color for putting your life back together again; it is full of promise when all seems shattered. If you are in grief, divorced, bereaved, in shock of any kind or feeling depressed this color can bring you out of it.

It is genial, optimistic, humorous and very social. Orange is the color to create opportunity.

As fire creates change so orange provokes change, but with the awareness that change for the sake of change is not necessarily change for the better.

Healing Properties – Orange may help when:

  • you want to increa...
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Brown is neutral. Its grounding and provides certainty in life. It can awaken greater discernment and certainty. It can also be meditated upon to help uncover lost articles. It is a colour associated with St. Anthony who is the patron saint of lost things.

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Healing Properties of Red

Red – The Stimulator

Following some of the Healing Properties of Red – Red is a stimulating and highly energizing color (vibrant, sometimes aggressive masculine energy), therefore it can energize you when you are feeling tired and sluggish or are dreading something that you have to do, it is a great pick-me-up if you are feeling depressed or lethargic – you can be sure that this color choice will overcome it.

It will bring out your potential and tell you it’s time to go for it!

Red is nature’s sexual signal. We flush when we are sexually aroused, and our lips go redder, which is why women wear lipstick – we are subconsciously imitating this primal state.

Healing Properties – Red may help when:

you need courage and self-confidence
are anaemic
feel tired or indisposed
have poor blood cir...

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Grey and Silver

Is a symbol of clarity and stimulates intuitiveness related to past lives. You can meditate upon it to see how best to initiate new activities. It awakens that level of the subconscious mind that is aware of how the wheels of life are turning for you. It awakens our most innate primal intuition.

Silver Blue-Awareness, meditation, moon, creativity

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Candles and Healing Lay-out

Using candles the following lay-outs are some examples you can use in a healing room, either for yourself or others, together with any other holistic sThe Triangle is an amplifier, it increases the power of healing force of whatevercolouryou are using.

The Triangle is an amplifier, it increases the power of healing force of whatever colour you are using.

The Square stabilizes the entire physiological system of an individual, calming, settling, grounding and focusing the basic life force of the colour being used.

     The Cross balances and aligns.

The Pentagram strengthens.

The Six-rayed Star links the mind and heart for overall healing.

he Seven-rayed Star is the most healing of the layouts and is especially good for children...

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Is very powerful. It helps to protect you from negative thoughts. It is very useful when you are going through a divorce or difficult time at work and is most effective when burnt with a white one. Too much black can manifest depression, however if burnt with a white or yellow candle it will help avoid the deepening of depression.

Black-Destruction of negative energy

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