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by Konstantin on August , 2010

Fire cleans Spirit (Karma) inside a pyramid.
Law Karma connects us together,
but the time will quickly fly by
and again,
New turn of destiny and we separate part.
We will dissolve in the infinity.
We don’t recognize in future lives
that we have been together.

Karma Laws, dreams, desires & reincarnations

What is karma?

Hindu texts describe three types of karma (sachita, agamis and prarabdha). “Karma is a total sum of acts and their consequences which defines character of a new birth, embodiments, and influence of former acts, including the previous births, on character of the present and subsequent existence.”

Some believe that all sanchita karmas may be burned off Fire clearing Spirit (Karma) in pyramid

Modern researches, the analysis of ancient philosophi...

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Manifesting from Our Karma and Beyond

. . . what do you mean about karma? That we won’t get more than our karma deserves? What if we have past karma from previous lives that is not good? Or if we have tried very hard to have good karma in this life but have sometimes done things out of desperation because life has dealt us some bitter blows? I would be very pleased if you could answer this!”

Oh, karma. It’s one of those loaded words that means many things to many people, but often is an excuse to philosophize life’s injustices. Karma is a sanskrit word that roughly means cause and effect, both in this life and previous ones. In the West we’ve come to reimagine the word as an eye for an eye. So if I steal from someone, I will get stolen from. Cause and effect. Karma’s a bitch.

Except that’s not how I see it.

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Testing infinite being, past lives – reincarnations.

Testing infinite being, past lives – reincarnations.

Some believe that Infinite Being is the state of consciousness other – meditation. Who you really are is what some call an “Infinite Being”.

We are told that we are infinite being, we are eternal and we moving from one life to another. It’s reincarnation. But if you have no personal experience, yourself feelings are hard believed.

What is infinite being? – Meditation or reincarnation.

What remains to us from past lives – Reincarnation?

We can not remember anything from past lives and everything to begin anew.
Many people, especially children, prefer to learn from your experience by trial and error. We are learning from the experience of previous generations.

Its need much to learn, a lot of know what to d...

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Illusion, error & karma laws

“I do not do bad things, nothing will happen to me.”

It is illusion, error. It’s Karma from acts of the current life.

Look at histories of a life of people which so believed till the moment of approach of tragically events in theirs life.
Every day brings new events. One event may come from past lives, others – from parents, ancestors.
It’s karma law. It’s the law of dates of performance.

There are known astrology methods of definition of the future events or such mediums as Edgar Cayce, Vanga.

Diagnostics of karma show, that in each case there are infringements in work of systems of subtle energy, power blocks in communications of subtle energy with parents and ancestors or in energy centers – chakras.

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Karma from acts of the current life. Testing karma.

ny Konstantin
Karma from acts of the current life. Testing karma.
Posted by Konstantin on October 28, 2008 at 10:25am in Karma Laws
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Karma from acts of the current life. Testing karma.

Robert A. Monroe (“Journeys Out of the Body”) been had an opportunity an exit from a body, after his friends long cleaned his subtle energy structures. Further process of cleaning his energy structures proceeded in a kind a meetings, contacts to the embodiments in past lives.

So one of the basic ways of cleaning of subtle energy structures and karma (Karma from acts of the current life) it is a meetings, contacts with the other people (acts of the current life)...

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Subtle energy of emotions, health and pyramids.

by Konstantin

Many of us work hard in the every day operations of running our businesses. In the midst of all of this, we have to be able to maintain our peace of mind and yet still live to enjoy our family and our lives. The question to you is – how do YOU do this? Most people have fears they have not conquered, discomforts that prevent them from excelling, or esteem that blinds them from their true inner power. All it is emotions.

It is known, that emotions very much influence health. There are many ways of management of energy of emotions and a conclusion of destructive energy of emotions. For this purpose apply physical exercise, meditations, prays, exercises with breath, method EFT...

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Karma from parents, ancestors & subtle energies of body

The contacts of subtle energies between generations – from parents to children.

Karma from parents, ancestors & communication of subtle energy of body.

What is karma from parents, ancestors or patrimonial karma?

This kind of karma is connected with genes where the information received from parents and ancestors is stored. Such information is contained by each cage of our organism. Genetics data have allowed establishing our communications with the most ancient people and even animals. Representing this communication, you understand, that the person this separate link in a patrimonial chain (communication subtle energy of parents – children) and in an evolution chain.
Should be cleaned flows of subtle energies from the ancestors to the children...

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How many ancestors the person has?

arents, grandmothers and grandfathers, great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers,……..and so on.

Children, grandsons, great-grandsons………. and so on.

If in each previous generation the number of ancestors doubles, in a limit we should receive all mankind. But this quantity is limited.

Transfer of hereditary signs, for example, Y – a chromosome differs from the test of communications of subtle energy .

Supervision in the course of cleaning of energy communications between relatives has shown that in such patrimonial tree the number of new members is limited ≈ 90 persons.
It is group of people which is connected by communications of subtle energy.

In some generations, it is possible to find out reincarnations of already available relatives...

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Signs of reincarnations – Testing karma from past lives.

by Konstantin
Signs of reincarnations which have been received in researches Dr. Stivenson:

1. Memoirs, about past life which it was possible to confirm from several sources.

2. The qualities of the behavior which reason took place in past life or was similar to behavior in past life. These qualities:
— Phobia – fear before the things which steel the reason of a trauma, a mutilation or have led to death (for example, fear to water if in the previous life the death has occurred in water).
— Predisposition to things with which they have been most connected in past life.
— Emotional communications (the same emotional behavior) with the certain people, which similar to emotional behavior between people in past life.
— The collective enemy – emotional communications betw...

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What’s the Difference Between Consciousness and Sub consciousness?

by Konstantino

What’s the Difference Between Consciousness and Sub consciousness?

Researches in the field of psychology have shown that by means of regressive hypnosis it is possible to find out many episodes of its past lives in sub consciousness of the person. More often these episodes of past lives are connected with strong emotional experiences which become the reasons of illnesses in this life.

Self hypnosis (Meditation) helps to get back into balance and has an amazing effect on sub-conscious or to find out episodes of past lives.

The highest form of meditation it is to stop consciousness (reflection, contemplation). This form is similar to transition from a consciousness condition to unconsciousness (for example, to a dream). The brain never stops.
It is very...

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