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The Crystal Universe

Crystal Universe


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Signs of the Zodiac. The Planets, The Five Elements or the Chakras – Click on the Image


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Magick Wands


The wand. The Magic Wand! People may mock the Broom, misinterpret the Knife or accidentally use the Cauldron as an ashtray, but the Wand, even before Harry Potter, can only be understood as a magical tool.


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Pentru Activarea Citrinului ascultati videoclipul.

Over the past year, I’ve been exploring ways to expand and enhance the Sounds of Sirius experience for people. As our world faces perhaps the greatest shift in human history, we all need to raise our vibrational frequency. To assist with this frequency shift, I’ve been guided to combine the sacred music I’m the conduit for, with uplifting images of Light. Featuring the heart-and-soul opening artwork of a select group of visionary artists and film-makers, these powerfulSounds of Sirius audio-visual Activations have proven to be a truly potent tool for transformation and Awakening, as well as a beautiful enhancement to the meditative experience. 

Please enjoy the very latest of these Activations – CITRINE 

Beautifully produc...

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How To Structure Water With Quartz

How To Structure Water With Quartz

To Gather:

* 6 quartz crystal points (single crystals) of any size;
* 1 double terminated (DT, a point at each end) quartz crystal of any size (optional);
* A clear glass container (a glass or bowl);
* The purest water you can find. Don¢t be discouraged if this is not
ideal, we can only work with what we have! The following process will
certainly make an improvement to any water;
* A clear intention to re-structure and energise the water. Quartz
interacts with the human mind, so try meditating on the prayer that
appears at the top of this page to help you achieve this optimum result.

To Do:

* Clean all crystals, e.g., by holding them under cold running water for
a few minutes (see above section on Cleansing Crystals);
* Fill glass...

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Natural Magic is the most beautiful way to live magic , Just your heart, your faith and your Love to mother Earth is needed.…

Simple Skills and the Basis of Natural Magic…

This is not ritual magic in which a circle must be cast and the elements called forth along with the God and Goddess. If you are at a friends’ house, or somewhere other than your sacred space, then you can perform these less elaborate spells to accomplish a goal. Use the information available to you to align as many elements as you can, at the time, to perform your spell.

The first thing you must do is have a goal in mind. If your friend is sick, then your goal might be to make him/her well...

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Bridging Heaven and Earth -about crystal healing

his is an episode of the Television show, “Bridging Heaven and Earth” featuring a lengthy, but informative interview with DaEl Walker, author of “The Crystal Book” series and founder of the Crystal Awareness Institute

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Crystal Grids By Peggy Jentoft

There are different kinds of crystal structures that are called grids. There are so many kinds and forms that we not going to be able to explore very many of them at this time and will just begin with a general introduction and few simple forms . I usually work with very simple grids rather than the more elaborate and esoteric forms and do not find them any less effective than more elaborate grids or those made with a lot of formal ritual . Your experience may differ.

Some grids are large structures placed on the ground which connects with the ley lines of the Earth which are the planetary equivalent of the meridian channels and other energy channels in people . All the crystal within the Earth can be thought of as being elements of a huge grid ...

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Staurolite (Fairy Cross, Fairy Stone

StauroliteStaurolite Cross

Staurolite (Fairy Cross, Fairy Stone) gemstone meaning

The name is derived from the GreekStauros , meaning ‘cross’. Well-formed crystals are commonly twinned, crossing at 90 or 60 degree angles.

The twin crystals found on staurolite are sometimes referred to as ‘Fairy crosses’ – as it was once believed to be created by the tears of fairies whom could not help but cry when they heard of Christ’s crucifixion. Staurolite is often called “fairy stone” or “fairy cross”. Since the first time it was worn, it has been considered a good luck charm as well as a charm that would protect children from evil spirits.

Staurolite is a grounding stone that assists in connecting with other worlds, including the fairy realm.

It is used by some as a tool to psychically communicate with the animal kingdom...

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The Healing Power of Black Tourmaline

This video, hosted by Jennifer Warr, gives a brief description of a just a few of the many properties of Black Tourmaline.

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CUVINTE IIntelepte – Acordeaza-te la realitatea cea mai înalta posibil – Un Mesaj de la un rar Craniu de cristal Tibetan AMAR

Cheia pentru a stăpâni energiile în timpurile care vor urma este de a ridica frecventa dvs., astfel încât vă puteţi menţine starea de bine, de a primi îndrumare mai mare, şi a atinge niveluri mai ridicate şi mai mari de constiinta.Mai multă lumină vă va face experienţa, mai uşoara şiveti deveni mai luminati  – acesta este procesul de ascensiune, iar aceasta este cheia pentru a va ridica deasupra fricii.

Există realităţi paralele care exista simultan, la fel ca acolo sunt multe posturi de radio, care transmit  toate tipurile demuzică şi informaţii chiar acum...
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