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Medicine wheels, or sacred hoops, were constructed by laying stones in a particular pattern on the ground. Most medicine wheels follow the basic pattern of having a center of stone(s), and surrounding that is an outer ring of stones with “spokes”,

A request has come forth from the Pleiadian-Sirian Council for more Warriors of Light to make sacred Medicine Wheels all over the planet! (This was initiated while I was in Colorado this February – to read a bit of the story and watch the subsequent channelling

My guides say “We wish to ask you – those who do not feel worthy of a great endeavour like this – we ask YOU to make your own medicine wheels, that you may start to gather tribe – those known and unknown to you into the sacred spaces in celebration of the times of alignment...

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The Ancient Geology of Medicine MountainLegends and Theories

There are 10 places in the world called “nuclei of continents”. These are widely separated places of relatively small patches of ancient rocks, first cooled to the molten earth’s crust 2-3 billion years old. Overlying younger rock has worn away.

These are thought to be the relatively small nuclei first cooled and built up that grew by volcanic activity and sediment accretion into a single huge island (called Gondwanaland) that began to break up in the Carboniferous era (300,000,000 years ago).

They separated, drifting on continental plates of ancient rockbed, into our present continents sometime between 65,000,000 and about 1,000,000 years ago (the continental plates continue to drift).

Medicine Mountain is one of these rare ancient continental roots...

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7 Directions Meditation


7 Directions Meditation by Solara AN-RA

(15 mins) Click here for download

For this meditation, choose 4 crystals which for you represent fire, water, earth and air. Use a compass to orientate yourself to the 4 directions – you will sit or stand facing East. If you are doing this in a group, place crystals/sacred objects which represent the 4 directions around the outside of your circle.

In this meditation YOU are at the centre of a medicine wheel – and in that sacred place you activate the 3 final directions – above, below, and within. You find yourself in your place of power, plugged in to the heart of our galaxy & the heart of Gaia, centred in your heart...

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Sacred Moon Reiki was channeled by Shelly Mayer on May 9th 2002. During a sweat
lodge ceremony.
I Just wanted to say I have always had a special connection to the moon I find when
full moon is upon us I recharge and healing is a part of that. Since the beginning of
time women have been connected to the moon. While in the lodge which we consider
the womb of mother earth I had a vision that the moon was in the lodge with me even
though the lodge is very dark it seemed very bright for me. I could see all the others in
the lodge clearly.

Sacred Moon Reiki lineage:
Shelly Mayer, Jean Gina Myrner, Aroon Kumar, Asuman & Torumtay Altan, Carmen Mares,You

For manual clik here:


Luna Sacra Reiki.pdf

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Activation of the Medicine Wheel

earth. There have been “circles” found all over the world. Are they vortexes where healingenergy can be given and received? Are they maps to the heavens through representation ofthe Moon and Sun? Are they nothing more than huge calendars? The Native Nations ofNorth America created many wheels that are still present today. It is said that if youfollow the Sacred Hoop and consider the lessons you learn there, it will change you. It isthe Medicine Wheel that connects us to ourselves and the rest of the Universe.Medicine in this text refers to anything that promotes harmony in our earthly walk.Some people see dis-ease as nothing more than disharmony within the soul of the person.The true meaning of medicine as it is used in this case is nothing more than Spiritualenergy...

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Instructions for making a simple Medicine Wheel

You will need a space of land about 7 feet x 7 feet or larger (in nature or in your garden), a compass, and a  ‘smudge stick’ – a wrapped bundle of dried herbs, usually white sage. (These can be ordered online from shamanic websites or bought in spiritual shops. When lit and then blown out, the smoke  from smudge sticks is used to cleanse both spaces and people’s energy bodies – a lovely experience!)
You will also need 4 large stones (1 or more feet high), 4 smaller stones or crystals, and an amethyst crystal point.

  1. Using a compass, mark the centre point of the circle and then place a marker for the north, south, east and west directions on what will be the outside circle edge (perimeter) of the wheel.
  2. Choose 4 large stones to hold the energy of each direction – first choose the stone ...
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Instructions for Leading a Ceremony

This is for those who need assistance/suggestions – if you have some experience in shamanic ritual or leading ceremonies please do your own thing!

Working/playing in groups is the way in the New Age. It has been proven many times that when a group of people focuses on the same thing (as in group prayer or healing), the effect is far greater than the sum of the people present: 7 people together visualising peace of Earth is not 7 times more powerful than 1 person doing it – it is 7 x 7 x 7 times more powerful! In every aspect of ritual, intention is all important! 

Honesty, integrity and sincerity are key – it’s not about ‘putting on a show’...

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1. WELCOME: Gather the group in a circle (inside or outside the Medicine Wheel) and get everyone to hold hands to unite the group. One of the leaders welcomes everyone to the celebration and says a few words about the actual occasion and to connect with the ancestors of the land where you are: –
eg: at Spring Equinox: ‘Our tribe gathers together today to celebrate the Spring Equinox – the time of equal day and night across the planet! We come together today to connect with our Earth Mother and Sun Father at the time of this sacred alignment. We ask for the blessing of the ancestors who are present here on this land, and of the guardian spirit of this land. May our celebrations bring joy into the body of Gaia here, and may she hear our songs and feel our love for her!’

Go ...
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Chants for the 4 directions/elements to use in your ceremomies here (Sung by Solara An-Ra & her daughter, Gabriella Light-Child)

 My self and my daughter Gabby singing (and giggling!) some chants, made for the Summer Solstice coming up, and any other Solstice/Equinox celebrations, for calling in the 4 directions/elements.

Make your own or learn these – improvise, add harmonies & choruses – BE CREATIVE! The idea is that the whole group gathered can join in  during the ceremony. Sing with love and joy and gratitude for our Mother Earth and Father Sun!

Love love love
Solara An-Ra & Gabriella Light-child 🙂
Thanks to Robeena Sky for helping me with these chants!

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The Medicine Wheel


In the Hopi Medicine Wheel of the Hopi prophecy of the four peoples of the Earth, the cardinal direction North represents the body, plants and animals, the color white and ‘white skinned peoples’, and Childhood. (can also represent birth, and/or meeting a stranger and learning to trust as in infancy, explained in Erik Erikson’s stages of Psychosocial development).

The East is held to represent the mind, air, the color yellow and ‘yellow skinned peoples’, learning the groups to which people belong and Adolescence.

The South holds the heart, fire, the color red and ‘red skinned peoples’, and Adulthood.

Finally West holds the spirit, water, the color blue or black, and ‘black-skinned peoples’ and Elderhood...

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