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Principii generale pentru practica meditatiei [entru taierea corzilor, purificarea energetica, relaxare, etc- PE SCURT

*De ce sa tai corzile energetice dintre tine si cei din jurul tau

Imagine in ansamblu: Universul este alcatuit din energii cu diferite vibratii si densitati care sunt interconecatesi functioneaza ca un tot unitary in perfecta armonie si echilibru. Cand intr-o parte a universului se creaza un dezechilibru acesta este compensate in alta parte cu aceasi putere sau forta

La scara redusa, noi care facem parte din acest univers  suntem creatorii unei cantitati impresionante de energie prin diversele capabilitati pe care le detinem. Cea mai importanta este puterea mintii si mult mai puternica este vibratia inimii.

Energia o data ce este create , ea nu se poate distruge, ea se poate transforma sau mai précis putem sa schimbam polaritatea ei din negative in pozitiv

Cu ajutorul mintii cream gandur...

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A Higher State Theta Meditation

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Reality is created by Sacred Geometry.

There are 12 ethereal pyramids surrounding one creational source of light or conscious thought. They create a consciousness grid or matrix which is multidimensional. Souls are created by the source, move into the grids at various levels of frequency, then spiral into consciousness.

Each ethereal pyramid has a corresponding grid point on the physical plane. We call these places sacred sites. We are guided to visit them to connect with their frequencies as part of Initiating our conscious awareness to higher frequency information of light – to connect with the girds of creation and the central source of light.

The Geometry is the ‘Blueprint’ of reality. The Initiation is the ‘Alchemy of Consciousness’ – theGold transiti...

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Healing Heart Pulse – (Mind Entrainment + Developmental Heartbeat)

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12/12 Gateway Portal Channelling – Waves of Bliss – Nasrin Safai


Here is the 12/12 Gateway Portal Channelling of Nasrin Safai…



May you receive Love & Light

& attain Spiritual Bliss


Carmen AM-A_RA

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Living in the heart meditation

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7 Directions Meditation

7 Directions Meditation by Solara AN-RA

(15 mins) Click here for download

For this meditation, choose 4 crystals which for you represent fire, water, earth and air. Use a compass to orientate yourself to the 4 directions – you will sit or stand facing East. If you are doing this in a group, place crystals/sacred objects which represent the 4 directions around the outside of your circle.

In this meditation YOU are at the centre of a medicine wheel – and in that sacred place you activate the 3 final directions – above, below, and within. You find yourself in your place of power, plugged in to the heart of our galaxy & the heart of Gaia, centred in your heart...

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Mooji – guided meditation

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Kundalini Meditation

Kundalini is most often awaken through Yoga meditation – which include Mantra Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Laya Yoga or Kriya Yoga. I have prepared a meditation to help you on your path should Yoga not be available to you.

To prepare for this meditation – you might want to tape record the words on this page to listen to as your move through the meditation. Please speak slowly and softly.

Allow lots of time for the meditation – as you will need to relax when you are finished.

You may want to listen to music or be in a quiet place – or be in nature.

Find a quiet place … free of distractions.

Adjust the lighting and room temperature.

Adjust clothing . . . footwear . . . eyeglasses.

Sit down or lie down
Find a position that is comfortable for you.

Quiet your mind . . . Still your thoughts.


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Meditatie pentru taierea legaturilor psihice si protectie

“Sunt Mihail. O persoana a intrebat astazi ce se poate face pentru a dezlega conexiunile nedorite create intre oameni.  Conexiuni prin care energia curge inainte si inapoi. Cativa dintre voi sunt familiarizati cu lectiile pe care le-am dat si cu alte ocazii despre cum se taie aceste legaturi.

Taierea legaturilor psihice este una din slujirile mele fata de umanitate. Este un serviciu pe care il ofer cu mare bucurie si placere. Cand ceri taierea tuturor legaturilor psihice trebuie sa stii ca aceste legaturi sunt strans legate intre ele si ca fiecare in parte te leaga de evenimente, timpuri si locuri trecute.

Cand afirmi ca vrei ca toate legaturile psihice sa fie taiate, toate vor fi taiate. Este inutil sa ceri ca numai anumite legaturi sa fie taiate iar celelalte sa ramana intacte...

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