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Tarot and Astrology

.Tarot and astrology make a fine marriage. Where the Tarot is fluid, conceptual, and intuitive interpretation, astrology counters the balance with structure, calculation, analyzing andempirical interpretation.

It has been said that the Tarot is the king of all wisdom-seeking systems because of its diversity. This is largely due because the Tarot incorporates so many other forms of symbolism and esoteric reading systems.

Each of the major Arcana cards corresponds with the stars, moons and planets within the zodiac. It is unknown who originally combined Tarot and astrology, but Tarot scholars have been making these correlations for centuries.

There is some consternation when we discover different scholars have assigned different astral signifiers to the trumps accor...

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Free Pick a card – Tarod

How Online Readings Work

Online readings depend on synchronicity and the law of attraction. Your personal energy field and your intentions charge the energetic technology of Online Tarot, which I refer to as Urban Alchemy. Magic and divine intervention are two forces of interplay between spirit and matter moving the soul forward in any medium, as long as the proper use of power and intention are invoked. Purity of thought and deed, coupled with a true desire for awakening, insures success when working with the energy that exists between the soul of the individual and the tarot cards. The cards offer a grand mirror for us to gaze into as we discover the essence of our deepest life questions and inquiries...

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The birthday is a supporting influence added to the Life Path. Think of it as a modifier to the Life Path. These are traits that you brought into this life much as with the more important and dominating traits shown by the Life Path. Here is your birthday and the modifying traits shown by it:

The number 1 energy suggests that there is perhaps more executive ability and leadership qualities in your makeup than your lifepath may have indicated. A birthday on day 1 of any month gives a measure of will power and self-confidence, and very often a rather original approach. This 1 energy may diminish your ability and desire to handle details, preferring instead to paint with a broad brush. You may be sensitive, but your feelings stay rather repressed.

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Tarot Cups

     Tarot cups image from Aquarian deck permission granted by U.S. Games

Remove only the Tarot cups from your favorite deck and spread them in front of you.

Don’t think about them, don’t start identifying with them, interpreting or labeling them. Simply let them lay. Let the energy of this suit float up to your psychic eyes. Let the senses and the colors that saturate these cards begin to waft in your senses.

It doesn’t take long before you yourself become saturated with the sensuality emanatingfrom this suit. What does this mean? How can we get so enthralled with this suit yet so often inadequately express the meaning of it?

Tarot cups can be the most difficult to describe because their very nature is seductive and elusive. The element of water rules the cups, and just like air ruling the sword suit, it’s hard to catch identification from the f...

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Ace of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

.Key Words for the Ace of Cups:

  • Love
  • Peace
  • Patience
  • Harmony
  • Assurance
  • Tranquility
  • Compassion
  • Acceptance

It’s been said that love is the most powerful, effective emotion known to mankind. If we keep this in mind while contemplating the ace of cups Tarot card meaning, we more easily understand the profound message it has for us.

Thoth Tarot card, the Ace of Rods Tarot Card MeaningVisually, this card is undeniably potent. I particularly gravitate to the Thoth rendition (shown left) of this card because it shows prominent emanations of energy spanning out in a web of connectivity. I perceive these waves of energy composed of compassion and love. As such, this card illustration reminds me of the power that love has over all things.

Yes, if you are wanting hard and fast ace of cups Tarot card meanings, most certainly i...

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Datoriile karmice in numerologie: Afla ce ‘povara’ duci cu tine din vietile anterioare

Numerele care indica o datorie karmica sunt 13, 14, 16 si 19. Aceste numere dispun de o semnificatie aparte atunci cand le regasim in numerele-nucleu, in cifrele cele mai importante din graficul tau numerologic, in ziua de nastere.

Am fost creati pentru a ne indeplini menirea pe pamant. Ne-a fost dat un trup, legat de ideea de timp material. Ne-a fost daruit un suflet, imaterial, dornic si capabil sa evolueze spre un nivel al constiintei superior. Am fost inzestrati cu anumite calitati. De unele ne-am folosit, pe altele le-am lasat sa se iroseasca. Ne-au fost date anumite defecte. Neimpacandu-le cu ele, ne-am dorit sa fim altceva decat ceea ce suntem. Am facut bine. Am gresit mult si rau. Am gresit fata de noi. Am gresit fata de altii. Uneori involuntar...

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The Personal Year is helpful in evaluating the trend of the coming calendar year. For a clue as to what lies ahead in the coming year, calculate your personal year using this formula:

First, reduce the month and day of your birth, your birthday, to a single digit. Using my birthday for example, February 8th, that single digit would be 1 (2+8=10; 1+0=1). If your month and day total comes to 11 or 22, the master numbers, in this instance, reduce the number to 2 and 4, respectively.

Next, reduce the year for which you are making the calculation to a single digit. The year 2003 would become 5.

Now, add the single digit representing your birthday to the single digit representing the year in question. Thus, 2003 is a 6 personal year for me.

Calculate you...

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Tarot Swords


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Ace of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

.Key Words for the Ace of Wands:

  • Passion
  • Direction
  • Ignition
  • Expansion
  • Initiation
  • Creativity
  • Energization
  • Resourcefulness

The ace of wands Tarot card meaning deals with high volume energies bursting forth in assertive confidence.

The most profound illustration of this Tarot card meaning (in the author’s opinion) comes from the Thoth rendition (shown below). Consider the imagery of this card. It draws us in because the art of the ace of wands Tarot card is all about passion and energy.

Those who pull this card in a reading are in for an incredible adventure. This card marks the beginning of a new direction – particulary in matters of creativity.

The ace of wands also reminds us of the creative control we have in our lives...

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Symbolic Seven: Associations with the Number Seven


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