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LOVE PLAN FOR PERSONAL FREEDOM Do you desire to be free and divinely inspired by the Bel

Do you desire to be free and divinely inspired by the Beloved within? The following are tried and true suggestions that will help?

1. Do not give your will away to mediums, friends, relatives or strangers.
2. Make a plan for life according to the guidance of your intuitive Voice.
3. When you pray, contemplate and meditate, ask for pure guidance from the Beloved Teacher within.
4. Recognize that you are on earth to live the fullness of the eternal God Essence.
5. Avoid negative literature, movies, television shows, commentaries and people that corrupt the mind.
6. Accept that the ‘real’ you is Divine and do not allow a lesser consciousness to prevent you from fulfilling your destiny.

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Lyran Star Guide & Galactic Heritage Attunement

What can this attunement initiate?
• Activation of your Galactic & Stellar Gateway chakras
• Activation of your Gateway Chakras (Soul Star, Zeal Point, Thymus,
Earth Star)
• Connection to your Lyran Star Guide – Your Galactic Guide
• Opening the highways for interdimensional communication with high
vibrational beings from other realms and realities
• Download of the Activation Codes to initiate:
o DNA regeneration to its destined strand composite
o Historical Galactic Lineage & Heritage, opening your connection &
knowledge beyond the reincarnated series of your Earth existence
to your Galactic existence
• Golden Keys to activate your Planetary and Galactic Mission
• Increase in Intuitive Abilities
• Increase in sensitivity of your Energetic Body
• Expansion of your Auric field
• ...

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Initiere Usui Reiki- chris

aici este linkul unde gasiti toate documentele necesare initierii.

Va rog sa cititi mai inainte manualul sau documentele  cu extensia .doc. si apoi sa luati initierile astfel

Gr 1 la interval de 1 zi gradul 2 si la alt interval de 1 zi gradul 3

Pauza este necesara pentru ca energiile sa se ancoreze in structurile voastre energetice si sa nu aveti un anumit shok  emotional.…

Dupa ce primiti initierea in primul grad va rog sa incepeti imedita sa va faceti autotratamentul 

asa cum este figurat in manualul Usui Reiki  One.pdf


Vizualizări: 2

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Kuan Yin Increasing Love Activation – Judi Satori

from Judi Satori’s website:

Kuan Yin Valentines Day Increasing Love Activation

Vizualizări: 2

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Receiving an Attunement

To receive an attunement, one should begin to relax or meditate and enter a calm and open state of awareness. He or she should then contact his or her Guardian Angel, Totem Animal, Spiritual Guide, or Higher Self and ask if receiving the attunement is for his or her highest good. If one intuitively feels that receiving the attunement would be beneficial,

then he or she should send out to the universe his or her intention to receive the attunement.

Some people may experience the energetic transfer of the attunement as it is made available. This is often felt as heat (beginning at the crown and spreading to the rest of the body) or is seen as light or images.


However, one should not feel discouraged in he or she does not feel this transfer...

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Multidimensional Selves Attunement

What are the Multidimensional Selves

This high energy attunement allows you to merge your multidimensional selves
bringing about powerful transformation within your energetic and physical body.
Leading to profound changes in your external reality, where you begin to live centrally
– from a Multidimensional Heart Self.
The Attunements activate your Thymus Chakra – which is your Higher Heart chakra
located in between your Throat Chakra and your Heart Chakra. This is the gateway to
Universal Consciousness, Unconditional Love and Compassion.

This attunement is for the spiritual explorer who desires to integrate their being and
access greater levels of cosmic wisdom and awareness. Ultimately it is for anyone
who wishes to experience and radiate a high frequency of Love and Light...

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08- ianuarie-2011

1.  Tehnica de purificare a spatiului si a persoanelor prin smudging…y

2       Anatomia corpului emrgetic…

The Earth Chakras…

The Sky Chakras…

3 Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D, Recorded by Linda Fitch

Morning  Meditation& Breathing Exercise

Track 1: Introduction – Track 2: Breathing Exercise Track 3: Breathing, Archetypes and Bands of Power

Music from “Dance of the 7 Chakras” by Elliot Diamond

A Conduit between Heaven and Earth

01 – Morning meditation 01


Asculta mai multe audio acustica

02 – Morning Meditation 02

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Crystal & DNA Playshop – The Lightweaver

Brothers & Sisters

Care of big sister Michelle Eloff

take care

The Crystal Kingdom embody a very powerful source of energy and consciousness, and are currently supporting the major shifts and changes we are experiencing on all levels, relating specifically to our fears, fate and karma. In 2003, Kuthumi gave us some wonderful information regarding this process, however, the energies have changed and increased dramatically since then...
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What is an Attunement?

Attunements, also referred to as empowerments or energetic initiations, are, simply put, the transmission of energy to a person who is intending to enhance parts of their ethereal body by receiving them. Attunements connect the recipient to the capability to use the skills in which the attunement was intended. These transmissions of energy connect one to specific spiritual functions that can aid the individual in the ascension process.a

Attunements are used in many energy work systems including Reiki. They often enable one to open to the use of higher energies (which typically take much longer to develop without the use of an attunement). Attunements are transmitted by people who have knowledge of how to transmit the specific energetic system desired...

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Clearing Chakras 1-50 – The Lightweaver


This is a powerful tool for clearing of the 3d-9d chakras for all o purchase at $6 or donate to… [..cleansing, healing, energizing, abundance..]

Clearingchakras1 50 02 09 061 mp3 (audio mpeg Object) – clearing cjakras 1-50

Asculta mai multe audio ambientala

Clearingchakras1 50 02 09 062 mp3 (audio mpeg Object) – clearing cjakras 1-50

Asculta mai multe audio ambientala

Clearingchakras1 50 02 09 063 mp3 (audio mpeg Object) – clearing cjakras 1-50

Asculta mai multe audio ambientala

Clearingchakras1 50 02 09 064 mp3 (audio mpeg Object) – clearing cjakras 1-50

Asculta mai multe audio ambientala

Clearingchakras1 50 02 09 065 mp3 (audio mpeg Object) – clearing cjakras 1-50

Asculta mai multe audio ...

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