Five Elements Healing and the Seasons of the Year

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Five Elements Healing and the Seasons of the Year

In the Chinese system the five elements are not static forms – the more accurate translation would be: ‘The Five Walks’ or ‘The Five Moves’.

Every person is characterized by one of these elements or seasons (or a combination of them). In our life cycle we travel through different phases – corresponding to different elements. Each season with its own rhythm.

While all five elements are present in every person, one or a blend of two or three elements are dominant and form the personal rhythm. This tells us a great deal about that individual’s health challenges, personality and spiritual journey.

Each element has certain strength and certain vulnerabilities.

When one element is excess...

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Snatam Kaur ~ I Am The Light Of My Soul

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Snatam Kaur – Earth Prayer – The Official Music

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7 Chakra Series with Phi – 1.618033HZ

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Stop Mind control + Chemtrail Detox + GMO , Pestisides Detox Binural Brain Waves

Autor  Zakaos Breedlove Ewing

This is a Binural Session I put together for people who are being Gang Stalked and targeted by Pyramid triangulation Microwave Weapons ext . The Frequencies are – Stop Masonic Mind Control , 3 chem trail / GMO / Pesticides Detox ( The best Chem trial and GMO poison detox Binural I have found . Enjoy the healing .

Remember to drink lots of water during the session ( Alkaline water or if you do not have that Fiji water is the best bottled water .But you can drink distilled water if you can’t find any of the above . After session drink lots of water to flush the toxins out of the system . Run a hot bath after session also . Put 2 cups of Epson Salt and a half cup of hydrogen peroxide in the bath .Stay in the water till it is cold ...

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Entity Removal – Energy Clearing, Expel Negative Energy and Entities

Autor Anthony Sommer


Please be careful using this one, it has many very intense frequencies. Do not use headphones.

The intention of this video was to expel and repel malignant disembodied spirits who could be siphoning energy from you or individuals around you. Some individuals have a serious infestation and this will often include more than one entity, this could be due to the infused power of an object/material, or due to the mental/spiritual instability and brainwaves of an individual. The Astral plane is also created from the elements, and forms the basis of everything which has an origin, regulation and life existence, everything which has already occurred, is occurring presently, or will occur in the future in the material world (physical plane)...

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Fear and Anxiety Relief – Abolish Fears/Worries, Negativity, Uncertainty, Illogical Emotions

Autor Anthony Sommer

The intention of this video is to help those who suffer from anxiety and fear. This is considered an irrational condition however it can be directly challenged with intelligence and self discipline (thought awareness, control, and eventual mastery).

The severity of anxiety can range from being unconscious worries, to chronic mild anxiety, to severe multi-hour panic attacks and even beyond that in rare cases.

For those with anxiety, I encourage you to try to concentrate and attempt to count how many times you hear a resonance per second, resetting your number every second. (eg. 1234,12345,123,12345, etc)

In the past I have suffered from severe anxiety in different forms and from different causes...

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Whole Body/Being Regeneration – Extremely Powerful Physical, Mental and Spiritual Healing

This video was specifically designed to regenerate the entire body. It uses monaural, binaural, isochronic and panning sine waves which release energy blockages, increase bio-electricity flow, chakra healing, DNA activation, ascend serpentine power (Kundalini), produce stem cells, activate/stimulate nerves in the brain (especially in the third ventricle), synchronize brain hemispheres, induce deep relaxation, clarity, open-mindedness and it will help balance the elements inside of the body (Ether/Akasha, Fire, Water, Air, Earth) among many other effects.

108HZ – Wholeness of existence, spiritual ascendance, time and space, physiology, Yin-Yang energy, there is literally far too many ideas to note about this number. If I were to attempt this there would certainly be no room for the rest.


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Uncover Subconscious Thoughts, Release Blockages, Flashbacks, Stimulate Inner Dialogue

Frequencies used: 216HZ with a binaural effect of 4.5HZ which is associated with Shamanic Consciousness and deep meditation.

Weighted Tuning Fork: 432HZ


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Principii generale pentru practica meditatiei [entru taierea corzilor, purificarea energetica, relaxare, etc- PE SCURT

*De ce sa tai corzile energetice dintre tine si cei din jurul tau

Imagine in ansamblu: Universul este alcatuit din energii cu diferite vibratii si densitati care sunt interconecatesi functioneaza ca un tot unitary in perfecta armonie si echilibru. Cand intr-o parte a universului se creaza un dezechilibru acesta este compensate in alta parte cu aceasi putere sau forta

La scara redusa, noi care facem parte din acest univers  suntem creatorii unei cantitati impresionante de energie prin diversele capabilitati pe care le detinem. Cea mai importanta este puterea mintii si mult mai puternica este vibratia inimii.

Energia o data ce este create , ea nu se poate distruge, ea se poate transforma sau mai précis putem sa schimbam polaritatea ei din negative in pozitiv

Cu ajutorul mintii cream gandur...

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